Industry News 1/26/2015

EVENT: Red Bull Global Sports Series Returns to Fox Sports in 2015

FOX Sports and Red Bull Media House kick off the second year of their multi-year licensing agreement with the first stop of Red Bull Crashed Ice from Saint Paul, Minn., on Sunday, Jan. 25 (4:00 PM ET) on FOX broadcast network. The four-stop Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship is one of four global sports series from the Red Bull portfolio featured all year long on the FOX Sports family of networks. 


The exciting and visually stunning Red Bull global collection consists of 25 shows and more than 30 hours of original sports drama from the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship, the Red Bull X-Fighters Freestyle Motocross World Tour and the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. Each series, produced and delivered by Red Bull Media House, takes place at the most iconic and breath-taking sporting venues in the world.


“We’re excited to enter our second year with Red Bull Media House and present these thrilling series on the FOX Sports family of networks,” says Melissa Forman, FOX Sports Senior Vice President of Development, Original Programming. “These sports offer some of the most dynamic and compelling TV drama and are always well received by our audiences.”


“Our global championship properties have found a perfect home at FOX Sports, where we are reaching a young and growing audience that is captivated by these dynamic sports all year round, says Werner Brell, Managing Director, Red Bull Media House North America. “The partnership allows us to push boundaries in the production of full-length broadcasts, from storytelling and camera positions, to chronicling the sports prowess of more than 300 athletes around the world.


All four series come into 2015 with new defending champions, highlighting the level of talent and competition among the hundreds of athletes who participate in the sports.  


What to watch for with the Red Bull global sports collection in 2015 on FOX Sports. 



The world’s fastest sport on skates, Ice Cross Downhill starts its 2015 tour in Saint Paul, Minn., before heading to Finland, Northern Ireland and Canada. Athletes race four-at-a-time, shoulder-to-shoulder, down intimidating and treacherous courses carved into the urban landscapes at speeds up to 40 mph. 

  • Can Austrian Marco Dallago, the fifth champion in the last five years, become a back-to-back title holder?
  • The tour‘s first-ever stop in Northern Ireland.
  • Can Saint Paul break its own attendance record of 120,000 fans set in 2014?
  • Up to 20 incredible camera views collect this sport’s head-to-head intensity (See gallery)



Now in its eighth season, the world’s only sanctioned airace tests 12 highly skilled competition pilots who navigate a predefined, low-level aerial racetrack of air-filled pylons (Air Gates) with the aim of finishing in the fastest time possible, incurring as few penalties as possible. Using the fastest, most agile and lightweight racing planes at eight high-flying events spanning the globe, pilots are challenged in a pure motor-sport competition that combines speed, precision and skill.

  • The tour’s first-ever stops in Japan and Russia.
  • The USA hosts the final two stops in Dallas and Las Vegas – where a champion is crowned.
  • Up to 25 cameras, including in-plane POVs, capture all the sports spectacular aerial footage, while new GPS-based graphics have up-to-the-second race positioning (See gallery)



Establishedin2001 and with a total of 50 previous events, this is the most prestigious Freestyle Motocross (FMX) series in the world. The globe’s best FMX riders compete on a five-stop tour in 2015 that is shaping up to be the most exciting championship battle of its 15-year existence. Current World Tour champion Josh Sheehan of Australia tries to defend his title against former champs Tom Pagès of France, New Zealand’s Levi Sherwood, and Spain’s Dany Torres.   

  • Competitions on four continents, including in two new locations - Greece and the United Arab Emirates
  • Five different winners in the last five years, four of which participate in 2015
  • Each televised event features up to 25 unique camera perspectives, including Cineflex, Cable/Fly, High speed and POV, showcasing some of the most insane aerial motorcycle artistry and competition seen in sports today (See gallery)



Created in 2009 and quickly securing its place as the official discipline of the FINA World AquaticChampionship, diverdescen27 meters (approximatel88.feetithresecondsreachinspeedo5mp(8km/hbefore splashing into the water below. The 2015 tour visits six continents for eight stops– Colombia, USA (Texas), Denmark, France, Portugal, Serbia, Italy and Spain. 

  • Expansion of the women’s division to three stops
  • Two new locations - Colombia and Serbia
  • Can Britain’s Gary Hunt capture his fifth championship in the last six years?
  • Anincredible10cameraviewshighlightactionthat’sjudgedby some of the sport’s legends, namely U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis and multi-time Russian Olympic medal winner Dmitri Sautin (See gallery)