Industry News 2/4/2015

B$Z: IBD Summit Garners Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews

The IBD Summit, presented by Interbike, PeopleForBikes and the NBDA, closed last week to positive reviews and comments from retailers and suppliers alike. Lively discussions on industry challenges and potential solutions were tackled in panel presentations and smaller group settings. Attendees agreed that the small groups were very effective and that more time needed to be allocated in next year’s event.

Despite the threat of “the worst blizzard to hit the northeast,” more than 225 attendees representing retail, supply, distributors, advocacy and media met at The Phoenix Marriott at The Buttes for 2 ½ days of educational content, collaborative group meetings, and bike rides. Pat Hus, Interbike’s Vice President, moderated the event which put a spotlight on several issues facing IBD’s and the bicycle industry in general and featured several keynote experts.
“It’s clear that the majority of our industry is genuinely concerned about our future. The conversations started this week and recommendations for change will serve as the building blocks of our Manifesto of Change, he said. “My team is looking forward to gathering the results from our group meetings and integrating them into a doctrine that we hope will serve as the impetus for improvement in our channel. We want everyone that participated and contributed to have their ideas shared with the entire industry.”
The Manifesto is scheduled to be published in the April issue of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News.
Event sponsors including Garmin, Revolights, Infinit Nutrition, Eddy Merckx, Abus and many more showed their wares to 96 retail attendees representing 75 storefronts and had numerous conversations over great meals, epic rides and after hours cocktails. Chad Buchanan of Bikase picked up 5 new dealers at the event, and had many great conversations.
“We’ve sponsored The IBD Summit since the very first event, and while we’ve been able to introduce many new retailers to our products at the event – this years’ edition was by far the most productive,” said Buchanan.
Initial feedback from retailers was very positive, with only a couple of cancellations due to the extreme weather in the northeast. Most of the retailer base came from the USA, but a few came from locations as far as Canada and South America.
“When I saw the topics of conversation The IBD Summit had to offer, I knew I needed to be there,” said Jorge Gaete, Owner of Bike Universe in Santiago Chile. “The speakers were fantastic and there are many things I will bring back to my business and implement immediately. I will be back next year.”
Dan Thornton, owner Free Flite Bicycles in the Atlanta, GA area, summed up the event at the final evening dinner:
“I’ve attend bicycle industry summits and education events during my 37 years in retail and this year’s IBD Summit was the best yet. Winter meeting dates, Tempe’s warm temperatures, great speakers and the ability to interact with some of the industries brightest minds were just a few of the reasons this year’s Summit was great! Pat and the IB team scheduled time for road and mountain biking and even golf for those that wanted to take part. I’ll be back in 2016 and will be sure to include my GM next year.”
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