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Malakye Picks: Rethink Career Risks


No Risk, No Reward: The Power of Risk Taking for Your Career (read it on
Why Read It? Because healthy risks can actually grow your career.

- Taking a risk can improve your leadership skills.
- Sometimes you have to consider risk using the "glass half-full" approach - while taking a risk can be scary, what about the opportunities?
- Risk taking can lead to learning new skills which could come in handy in the future.
- Going above and beyond the requirements of your role and taking a risk can prepare you for career advancement.

"If you're not pushing the limits of your career comfort zone - by considering bold moves like a role in a different functional area, proposing a new idea or taking an international assignment - you're not exploiting the full capacity of your career growth."


Five Career Risks You Should Never Take (read it on
Why Read It? Because some risks are healthy and some, not so much.

- You may be frustrated with your current job, but before you say good bye, make sure you have a plan.
- Always leave on good terms, if possible. You never know when you may need to rely on your ex-coworkers.
- Consider where you are in your career before taking risks.
- Failures are only negative experiences if you view them that way.

"To learn, grow and advance in your career, you're going to have to take some risks. You just need to be sure they're the right ones."

How to Get Over Your Fear of Taking a Career Risk
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Take a Risk: The Odds Are Better Than You Think
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