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Malakye Picks: Creating a Strong Company Culture


Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast (read it on
Why Read It? Because combining strategy and culture is imparative.

- Culture brings a brand to life.
- With a strong company culture, comes a high productivity rate and happier employees.
- Always ask the right questions in order to establish great company culture.

"Strategy and company culture can and do go hand in hand and when in sync, they drive growth initiatives that are clear, inspire teams to develop products that resonate with their audiences, and originate stories that are relatable."


3 Company Culture Rules That Will Save Your Startup from Implosion
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Why Read It? Because even in an established company, these are great rules to live by.

- Hire people that believe and follow the core values of the company.
- Empower employees to make the best decisions based on company culture.
- Be able to make hard decisions including getting rid of the people that bring the team down.

"Wunderlich insists that startups cannot scale a company or grow rapidly if leaders micro-manage or set tight restrictions that prohibit innovation and risk-taking; having faith and trust in all of a team is essential."

Six Components of a Great Corporate Culture
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The 25 Most Enjoyable Companies to Work For
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