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Malakye Picks: Make Your Career Where Profession Meets Passion

February 19, 2015


Identifying and Achieving Your Career Passion (read it on
Why Read It? Because by discovering what you're passionate about, you will be able to develop a satisfying professional life.

- Some of the most important things to consider are your motivations and goals and how they align with your values and priorities
- Think about what barriers you face and what resources are out there for you to combat them
- It could be time to rediscover your passions

"By committing to yourself through action - recognizing what you want to give and achieve and by doing what it takes to continually overcome what stands in your way - you can awaken and sustain your career passion on a daily basis. "

Try This If You're Struggling to Find You're Passion (read it on
Why Read It? Because your career is going to be with you for years and you should enjoy every minute.

- Register for hobbies that interest you and talk to friends about what you're good at
- Stop searching for your passion for a while
- Even if your passion isn't inspirational, that doesn't mean it's not what you're meant to do

"Think back on your life, and remember things you wanted to be, the habits you developed naturally, the games you played, the books you read, and see how they may apply to your life and career today. You might be surprised by the connection points that have been right under your nose all along."

4 Practical Ways to Find Your Life's Passion and a Career You Love
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8 Killer Pieces of Advice for Finding Your Passion
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