Industry News 2/26/2015

B$Z: RAMP Sports Awarded U.S. Patent on Breakthrough Technology for Ski and Snowboard Manufacturing

Pioneering ski and snowboard manufacturer RAMP Sports has been awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on its groundbreaking ski and snowboard molding process. RAMP’s exclusive patented technology bypasses the cumbersome mold development process traditionally required for ski and snowboard manufacturing resulting in a significant advancement within the snow sports industry. With its newly patented molding process, RAMP designers can be more creative, instantly changing materials and dimensions, decreasing turnaround time and enabling faster product advancement.  Today, the biggest changes in ski and snowboard design are about shape, and RAMP’s technology gives the brand a tremendous advantage enabling it to change shape anytime without substantial tooling costs.

“We are proud to be the only ski and snowboard manufacturer in the world with our rapid-prototyping technology that allows us to adapt product designs instantaneously,” said Mike Kilchenstein, President and C.E.Snow of RAMP Sports. “We can literally have our team testing skis and snowboards on the mountain in the morning and refining their designs in the afternoon. Our competition often has to wait years to implement radical design changes because they are bound to a costly mold production process that uses very expensive tooling which needs to last many years. The problem with the old process is the molds become obsolete quickly.  Now, RAMP is only limited by an afternoon and our imagination!”

RAMP’s newly patented manufacturing process was originally conceptualized and engineered from its state of the art, eco-conscious facility in Park City, Utah.  Proudly, all RAMP skis, snowboards and skateboards are designed and produced in the USA for peak performance and quality.