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Malakye Picks: Interview Smarter


Make Your Own Luck: How to Prepare for Interviews (read it on
Why Read It? Because if we know these three things when going in for an interview, we will be that much better off!

- Really know about the company you are interviewing with - this means digging deep and seeing what makes the company unique.
- Learn about the position and why the company is hiring, but also research similar roles in the industry and how they stack up.
- Know about yourself, your goals, and how this particular role or company can help you achieve those goals.

"At the end of the day, when we know about a company and where it stands, we have greater insight about the job we're interviewing for and its ultimate purpose. And, when we are aware and confident about what we have to offer, we can easily make the connection between their needs and demonstrate why we are their ultimate solution."

12 Surprising Job Interview Tips (read it on
Why Read It? Because these are some real life insights on interviews.

- Always research the latest news regarding the company you are interviewing with.
- Research shows the best time to interview is 10:30am on Tuesday.
- Prepare your "story" and wear something subtle that matches your personality.

"Thank your interviewer within 24 hours of finishing. It not only shows your gratitude, it also combats recency bias if you interviewed early. Not to mention, it opens the door for dialogue even if you don't get the job. Sometimes, recruiters reach back out on the same email thread months later, mentioning new job opportunities."


7 Ways to Banish (Almost) All of Your Pre-Interview Jitters
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