Industry News 3/19/2015

EVENT: Growing in the Right Direction - Beach N Board Fest 2015

Cocoa Beach, Florida is not only the home town of the 11 time world champion Kelly Slater, it also serves as a Spring Break destination for many Americans who have been deterred by one of the coldest and longest winters ever. On March 13-16 Ron Jon surf shop hosted its annual “Beach n Board Fest” during a packed spring break weekend. The weekend hosted many events which included a tow-at airshow, a WSL junior pro, and a give back / sustainability campaign.

On Saturday, March 14th and Sunday, March 15th the beach was packed with spectators and spring breakers all looking to enjoy a beautiful spring day in central Florida. At 1 pm each day we teamed up with KBB and Ron Jon to provide a sustainability program by educating people about the importance’s of keeping the beaches clean and the role the sand dunes play by sustaining the beaches ecosystem and providing a natural barrier.  Each day over 200 eager volunteers grabbed a shovel and a sea oat from Volcom team riders Balaram Stack, Noah Schweitzer, and Pat Schmidt and ventured to the dune line to take part in the event. Being rewarded with an awesome gift bag was small incentive compared to the satisfaction everyone walked away with knowing that they helped preserve the beaches for future generations.