Industry News 3/31/2015

B$Z: Viral "3 Year Epic Selfie" Creator Alex Chacón Releases "Epic Dronie" Video, Selects Sena

Internationally renowned digital influencer, producer and motorcycle vlogger, Alex Chacón, recently launched his latest compelling video, the “Epic Dronie” – one of the first major video projects to feature the use of drones and captivating camera work for ‘selfie’ purposes. Capturing stunning scenery and landmarks in Veracruz, Mexico, the video is already catching fire in the digital world.

The Texas native has chosen Sena Technologies to leverage the powerful combination of visual and voice technology the next six months to deliver unique perspectives for future video creations both on and off his motorcycle. Chacón chose the global innovator for its category-defining ‘audio action camera’ technology and award-winning Bluetooth-powered communication systems.

“Alex was one of the key figures to have influenced the creation of the ‘selfie stick’ for action cameras, so naturally, we’re excited to partner with someone that possesses such amazing creative vision,” said Sam Kim, Vice President, Marketing at Sena Technologies, Inc. “Our commitment to developing technologies that give the world unique, new perspectives fits perfectly with Alex’s constant mission to push the envelope and find exhilarating new ways to express his adventurous lifestyle for the world to see. We will work with him closely to not only provide him with the existing technology – but to potentially work together with him to create new innovations for the future.”

Alex gained global notoriety in the creation of “Around the World in 360 Degrees - 3 Year Epic Selfie,” a 3-minute masterpiece that spans 36 countries, 600 days and covers 125,946 miles. The viral video has been seen by more than 12-million viewers and has been featured on a variety of major media outlets across the planet. The intriguing project also garnered a variety of honors in 2014 – including being named the No. 3 Greatest Selfie of 2014 by leading digital media outlet, Mashable.

“My passion takes me to the far corners of the world – whether on foot, motorcycle or in the air,” said Chacón. “Sena’s technology and partnership in potentially creating new solutions to capture some breathtaking moments and perspectives not possible in the past, is truly amazing. I am honored to be a part of the Sena family – not only as an official partner, but as an integral part of my creative processes moving forward into the future. And if I can help create new technology in the process, even better!”

Chacón will be utilizing the Sena Prism Bluetooth Audio Camera, which is capable of capturing full high-definition video and crystal-clear CD-quality audio from a Sena Bluetooth headset – such as the revolutionary Sena 20S communication unit. This wireless capability provides Chacón and other users the ability to mount the camera in unique locations while being free of wires and other obstructions to capture stunning audio and video. The combination of camera and audio technologies create a truly unique solution – with emphasis on capturing perspectives not previously possible. The Prism can also take still and burst photos and also contains a time-lapse feature that can capture still photos or video over long periods of time.

Keep a look out for some stunning new creative video and digital projects by Chacón – leveraging the power of Sena technology – in the near future. For more information about the Sena Prism, the Sena 20S, as well as the full Sena product line, please visit