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B$Z: ABC's Being...Surfer Makua Rothman Set to Premier Saturday

April 9, 2015

ESPN announced this week that Hawaii-native Makua Rothman, the number one surfer in the world, would kick-off a four volume series of in-depth profiles of some of action sport's biggest names when Being debuts this Sat., April 11, 2015, at 3 p.m. ET on ABC.


"I just want to be an elite athlete," said Rothman. "I want to be up there with the Robert Griffin III's, the Russell Wilson's and the LeBron James' of the world. I want be on that athletic level. A lot of times, surfers are known as beach bums. I want to do anything I can to show people that we aren't just people that hang out at the beach. We train very hard and we take our sport very seriously. I'm thrilled to share some of those behind the scenes moments through Being on ABC."


Being, examines North Shore native Rothman's humble beginnings, drive to become a champion, and his unlikely rise to a Hawaiian hero on quest to prove his doubters wrong. Rothman still holds the title as the youngest to catch the biggest wave in the world, when he rode a 66-foot wave at the age of 18 in 2002.


Just last month, the World Surf League (WSL) named Rothman the number one surfer in the world based on points earned during the 2014 Big Wave Tour. Rothman took the title by more than 7,000 points, with a grand total of 20,833 to finish the season.


The surfer turned singer-songwriter Rothman is backed by Monster Energy®, clothing company RVCA, SHADE sunscreen, Oakley®, and Braven.


In addition to Rothman, snowboarder Mari-France Roy, motocross rider Jeremy McGrath and skateboarder Danny Way will be profiled in the premiere of the series.


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