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Be a Leader with STOKED

April 14, 2015

Leadership is simple in concept - it is the opportunity to contribute to something bigger than yourself. Everyone has the chance to lead, but not everyone will. Steve Larosiliere was passionate about closing the opportunity gap for youth and as a leader, he created an amazing organization to do just that. 

In 2005, Steve had a vision for a program that would provide hours of enrichment programming for underserved youth. This enrichment program, appropriately named STOKED, would empower youth to be resilient and fearless, all while providing these kids with positive adult role models. STOKED would use action sports as the platform to teach youth these valuable life skills.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of STOKED and the organization is rapidly expanding in New York and Los Angeles.

“The day in the life of a STOKED Volunteer is anything but dull. Whether you are helping lace up the boots of your snowboard squad for the day in upstate New York, or you are leading a team of high schoolers clean up the beach in Los Angeles, our STOKED Volunteers are a group of the brightest, boldest and most reliable leaders in their respective cities. We are looking to deepen our pool of volunteers as STOKED continues to grow. If you are looking to volunteer to inspire youth to succeed, join us on our journey to spread the shred.” –

Do you have strong leadership skills and want to make a difference in a young life? Apply to volunteer with STOKED here.

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