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B$Z: Blue Ridge Outdoors Launches Second Season of Live Outside and Play

April 15, 2015

Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine announced today that the publication’s travel editor, Jess Daddio, will be taking on another season of road life, traveling throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states in search of the best adventures, a program dubbed Live Outside and Play ( Blue Ridge Outdoors and Daddio are partnering with some of the biggest names in the industry to facilitate this continued adventure, including brands like SylvanSport, Brown Automotive of Charlottesville, Va., LifeStraw, Farm To Feet, Hala Gear, ENO, IceMule, and Crazy Creek Products.

Blue Ridge Outdoors ( is the country's largest regional outdoor magazine, with more than 350,000 readers from Maryland to Georgia. For 20 years, Blue Ridge Outdoors has been inspiring readers to explore the outdoors by packing each issue with wild adventures, the latest news and trends in mountain culture, groundbreaking outdoor stories, and insider reviews of the best new gear and music. Daddio’s Live Outside and Play project took the magazine’s motto—“go outside and play” —to the next level last year, capturing the very essence of the publication’s mission.

“After living on the road for one year, I realized how many new places I had yet to explore in the magazine’s 10-state reach,” says Daddio. “One of the things I’m looking forward to is spending more time immersing myself in not just the area attractions but also the culture that surrounds these places. I’ve met many wonderful people throughout the journey, seen some amazing sights, and challenged myself in ways I never imagined, and I can’t wait to see what’s up around the next bend.”
Daddio’s mission for season two of Live Outside and Play is twofold: engaging with the communities that define this region and connecting those people to the brands that support and value an active outdoors lifestyle. Each month, Daddio will collaborate with locals, businesses, and outdoor advocacy groups to promote different communities within the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic and meet our readers face-to-face. She will also make appearances at 10 music festivals and outdoor events throughout the region.
To follow along on Daddio’s journey, check out her Facebook page, Instagram handle, Twitter feed, and personal blog.
You can also check out Blue Ridge Outdoors’ social media channels to stay up-to-date on Daddio’s ramblings as well as all of the fresh and exciting content the magazine produces on a daily basis.
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