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B$Z: Diamondback Bicycles Enhances Customer Experience to Build a Happy, Healthy Community

April 16, 2015

Diamondback Bicycles has unveiled a new website to tell a bigger story than just riding or selling bikes - it’s about being healthy and happy. The new consumer centric site provides not only product information, but inspiration and encouragement through stories and articles showing the positive transformative effects of bicycles. Whether learning the basics of health and fitness or more advanced aspects like bike maintenance and nutrition, the website’s promotion of joy and health is paramount.

“The site is designed to inspire as much as it is to educate,” said Steve Westover, Marketing Director for Diamondback Bicycles. “We want to tell stories about what a bike means to cyclists of all abilities and showcase the amazing power that something as simple as a bicycle can have on anyone.”

No matter one’s level of expertise riding or maintaining a bike, additional knowledge is always appreciated. From finding the perfect saddle or DIY wheel repair via Cycling 101 or Maintenance to learning what to eat for a century or a basic training plan in the Health and Fitness categories, the emotional tie that Diamondback Bicycles provides is genuine and refreshing. The newly revamped site is geared to help you from training to conquering your ride, with both technical and mental support.

Knowledge is key when it comes to a bike, but one area where Diamondback Bicycles excels is with the Rider’s Like You series. This new outlet peels back the curtains and brings you into the passion of other riders. Few ride for the same reason, and it is the Diamondback Bicycles community that inspires and motivates people to pursue a healthy and happy lifestyle. Whether you ride for fitness or competition, the reasons why you ride will change once you dive into this new series and hear from others around you.

Learn how Brian L has used his biking passion to literally save himself from his PTSS, or ride along with 10-year-old Sophia C as she sets a 30-miler goal to share lasting experiences with her father. Riders Like You shows everyone has a passion: find yours!

Diamondback Bicycles’ new website provides individuals the personal and welcoming community feel that people seek. With a laundry list of tutorials, guidelines and inspirational videos, no questions are left unanswered as the site leaves you wanting more. More importantly, the new website motivates you to fix that flat tire you’ve been putting off until your dad comes home, conquer your first century ride, enjoy the open road and much more on your way to a happy, fulfilled life.

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