Industry News 4/16/2015

EVENT: Skatepark of Tampa and Street League Skateboarding Announce New Damn AM Select Series

As part of their ongoing mission to energize and grow skateboarding around the world, Street League Skateboarding (SLS) in partnership with Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT) announces the next chapter in amateur skateboarding contests where the stakes are higher and the path for career progression is more defined. The Damn Am Select Series will build off of the success of the long-running Damn Am, an amateur skateboarding tour that has traditionally provided legitimate recognition to up-and-coming skateboarding talent. With this new inclusion in the year-round SLS event calendar, skateboarding’s rawest young talent now have the opportunity to progress all the way to the top street skateboarding competition – the SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship.

Created by Skatepark of Tampa in 2001 as a supporting contest series that granted winners entry into Tampa Am, Damn Am introduced an international format to amateur skateboarding through which winners could earn both recognition and the chance to compete on an amateur stage that mattered in skateboarding. In 2015, the newly restructured Damn Am Select Series will continue momentum for recognition of the best amateurs with the help of SLS by providing two hopefuls a straight shot to compete on a stage alongside the world’s best pro skateboarders in the following year’s SLS Pro Open.

A field limited to 125 amateur skateboarders at each Damn Am Select Series contest will compete for the top 12 places to progress into Tampa Am and the winner of each stop automatically qualifies for the Semi-Finals this November. As part of the comprehensive partnership between SLS and SPoT, the overall winner of Tampa Am along with the winner of the long-standing ‘Damn Am of the Year’ award will now have the chance to progress into the following year’s SLS Pro Open; this year being held in Barcelona, Spain, as the first independent international SLS event in history. The more Series stops an amateur competes in, the better his or her chances to make it into the SLS Pro Open to compete on a global stage with the pros, and possibly make their way into the SLS Nike SB World Tour to compete for the title of SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Champion.

“As the proving grounds of skateboarding contests, the Damn Am has always been a way for the pros of tomorrow to get recognition,” says Damn Am co-creator Brian Schaefer. “Connecting these events through the SPoT contests and now into Street League really fulfills the vision we’ve always held for the series ­– that from the Damn Am Select Series a complete unknown can get a chance to skate against the pros and go on to possibly even win  the World Championship.”

“The current amateur contest landscape is more fragmented than any other part of the skateboarding world,” says SLS President and COO, Brian Atlas. “The only exception to that is what the SPoT team has built with Damn Am. This is the only Am series that has helped launch careers for some of the best skateboarders out there, including SLS pros like Nyjah Huston and Luan Oliveira. To further align with Schaefer and his team to build this next chapter for amateur skateboarding is one of the most exciting initiatives within the SLS global platform”

Over the years, Damn Am has seen some of today’s best skateboarders cut their teeth at these pivotal events, such as SLS Pros Ishod Wair, Manny Santiago, Torey Pudwill, Felipe Gustavo, Chaz Ortiz, Luan Oliveira, and the reigning SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Champion, Nyjah Huston. Making their mark in skateboarding through the 2015 Damn Am Select Series are some names we can expect to be seeing far more often, like charismatic Dutch Am, Tim Zom, California’s fearless Chase Webb, 17-year-old Gage Boyle, and Nike SB’s Jereme Knibbs and Yoshi Tanenbaum.

Earning the title of Damn Am of the Year and winning Tampa Am have always been a part of a strong tradition in skateboarding, and now as part of the global qualification structure under SLS, this tradition has the potential to expand and grow by providing a young amateur with the unprecedented opportunity to become World Champ.


• May 1–3                    Presented by Nike SB | Los Angeles, CA
• May 22–24                Atlanta, GA
• June 12–14               Presented by Nike SB
| Chicago, IL
• August 14–16            Costa Mesa, CA
• August 27–29            Woodward East, PA
• September 18–20    
Presented by Nike SB | New York, NY
• September 25–27     Woodward West, CA

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