Work-Life 4/24/2015

Malakye Picks: Precision in Time Management at Work

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Time Management: How To Stop Being A Slave To Email (read it on
Why Read It? Because with the rise of smartphones, we are never really away from our desks.

  • Tackling all your email at once is not necessarily the best approach
  • Say no to push notifications for your email app on your phone
  • Encourage others to send fewer emails with more information to cut down on email traffic

"I've been told, on average, that it takes one entire work day (8-10 hours) a week to answer and organize e-mails alone. That's at least 400 hours spent each year working on emails."


It's Proven That You'd Be More Productive If You Took More Vacations (read it on
Why Read It? Because we work hard and if we don't take time to enjoy life outside of work, our productivity significantly drops.

  • We as humans need time outside of the office in order to do our jobs well
  • Taking vacations increases revenue for businesses, therefore, helping the economy grow
  • Not taking vacations can cause high stress which can lead to depression

"Americans are obsessed with work. We are addicted to the rat race. Indeed, we are living to work, rather than working to live."

I Followed My Own Productivity Advice for a Week
(read it on

10 Things People Do Every Day Which Makes Them Unproductive
(read it on