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7 Ways To Master Your Career Goals by Leslie Juvin-Acker

April 30, 2015

Do you ever feel that you're off your career track? Do you ever feel that you're constantly changing your mind about things because you're not getting the results you expect? Do you feel that your life isn't going the way you've planned and you feel totally lost? Check out seven simple ways to master your career goals so you can get focused and back on track.

1. Prioritize

Make a list of the things that you enjoy doing, what really matters, including the things that make you feel like a million bucks. Focus more on those things. Eliminate unhealthy distractions and behaviors.

Questions To Ask: What are my top priorities? What behaviors or distractions are keeping me from my goals?

2. Rehash forgotten goals

Remember the original goals that you've set for yourself, but you just kept putting off or felt too afraid to accomplish? Do you have a passion that keeps popping up in your mind, no matter how hard you try to push them aside? Write them down and acknowledge them.

Questions To Ask: What kind of passions or goals have I forgotten or ignored that keep speaking to me?

3. Acknowledge your fears and worries

We can't move past our fears until we've acknowledged them and dealt with them. Most of the time, the chances of our worst fears coming true are highly improbable. Work your way out of the fear with someone you trust, so that you don't spend your precious energy fighting them away.

Questions To Ask: What issues from my past or present that I need to overcome in order to gain the confidence to go into the unknown towards my goals? What is the first small step I can take to overcome them?

4. Let go of expectations

Don't worry about having things or appearing a certain way. Most people are too busy worrying about themselves to notice your failures or insecurities. Sometimes, things work out differently for a higher purpose and a better reason. Trust in your intuition rather than your expectations.

Questions To Ask: When was the last time has my intuition led me in the right direction? What does my intuition say about my goals?

5. Get real

If you know that in order to become a rocket scientist, you've got to study a lot, then hit the books and do everything you can to accomplish it. Take stock of your current talents, strengths, and weaknesses and develop a manageable plan to achieving whatever you need to improve.

Questions To Ask: What are the current obstacles that I need to overcome? Who can give me information (by research or informational interviews) that I need to know to make a decision?

6. Focus on love

Focus on being compassionate, understanding, and connected to the people around you. The more you love others, the more they notice and good things start to happen. Communicate your goals and purpose with love and you'll see the more willing others are to help you meet your goals.

Questions To Ask: Who supports me and my goals? Do they know about them? Do I focus more on what I can get rather than what I can give?

7. Judge yourself less

We are usually our harshest critic. Give yourself some compassion and learn to breath. The more you enjoy the ride and less time you spend criticizing yourself, the more fulfilled you be.

Questions to Ask: What activities can I do to love myself and give myself a break? What negative self talk do I say about myself?

By reexamining our career goals with some simple questions and working on how our attitudes and choices affect them, we can give ourselves the motivation and compassion we need to keep moving forward one day and one step at a time.