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B$Z: World Skateboarding Federation Announces Board of Directors in Advance of Global Skate Summit

May 5, 2015

World Skateboarding Federation today announced its board of directors. The board is a global “who’s-who” of skateboarding, with representatives five countries: United States, Canada, France, Sweden, Peru and Mexico.

“What I love about skateboarding is the brotherhood amongst us around the world.  The World Skateboarding Federation has a great unique vision that looks at skateboarding globally and a focus to bring us all together,” said Tim Gavin, WSF Board Member and Founder of several core industry companies including Filament.  While the industry lives and thrives in Southern California, there is a world of skateboarders out there looking for a platform to compete and build an opportunity.  The vision of the WSF not only is focused on making an impact on skateboarders but giving the industry a chance to support global skateboarding to increase visibility and participation. Competition makes us better, collaborating brings us closer.”  

WSF Board of Directors:

Tim McFerran, WSF Board President

Sasha Steinhorst, United States

Maga McWhinnie, Peru

Paco Manzanares, Mexico

Stefan Lilis Akesson, Sweden

Kevin Harris, Canada

Cyrille Harnay, France

Felix Arguelles, United States

Tim Gavin, United States

“We are extremely excited and honored to have such a strong board representing skateboarding,” said Tim McFerran, president of WSF.  “To have people like Tim, Felix and Sasha on board who really represent the heart of skateboarding in the US, together with representatives from around the world, across all the disciplines of skateboarding is something we felt was important. We’re excited to be a significant force for skateboarding and we look forward to developing skate federations globally. We’ll also work with local and national federations to provide insight and expertise, to assist with skatepark development, and to help provide travel assistance for skateboarders to get to major international events. We also plan to give back to impoverished communities around the globe through skateboarding programs.”

The inaugural Global Skateboarding Summit will be held at the Conrad Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey May 22-24. The purpose of the Global Skateboarding Summit is to bring together skateboarders, organizations, groups, federations, and associations, for the first time, in an effort to collaborate, organize and create a meaningful direction for the sport of skateboarding while supporting its athletes. Designed to be an annual meeting to help support skateboarders globally and further the growth of skateboarding, the summit will be packed with top tier speakers from the global skateboarding and international sports community.

The summit will also host the first ever Global Skateboarding Awards, to honor those in the skateboarding industry who have made outstanding contributions in the areas of social responsibility, volunteerism and corporate citizenship.  The awards presentations will take place on Friday, May 22 at the opening night reception.  To register for the summit visit