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Nomads Hotel - The Ultimate Destination for Your Next Surf Getaway

Nomads Hotel is a unique lodging option in San Clemente, CA that draws inspiration from the surf and travels around the world. With your stay you will get personally introduced to some of the best surf spots and attractions the area has to offer.


Who’s behind the Nomads Hotel and why open it?  For fun?  And passion?

Jeff Gourley and Sean Rowland have 30 years of world travel experience between them. 

After returning home we realized the type of hotel experiences that we have enjoyed in remote places like Central America, Fiji, Tahiti, and Indonesia were unavailable here in the United States. Around the surf world you hear terms like, Ohana, Pura Vida, Aloha, Dolce Vida, etc…These words all translate the same; the feeling you get when you combine the power of the ocean with music, art, food, and great people. We created Nomads Hotel for you to experience this. 

You may arrive as a guest but you will leave as part of the Nomads family!

Is Nomads interested in attracting companies to the hotel as a destination for meetings, product line showings, etc? 


How big of a group can Nomads accommodate? 

39 people

How is Nomads a good alternative to hotels further north in Laguna, Huntington, and so on?

There are many breaks within minutes of Nomads Hotel. San Clemente Pier and T-Street are just a short walk from Nomads but the main attraction for surfers in San Clemente is TRESTLES!! Trestles is 5 minutes away from Nomads Hotel and the Nomads Surf Shuttle runs to and from all day, every day. At the most southern end of Orange County lies the Trestles experience — one-and-a-half miles of God’s country. No metered parking. No Ruby’s Diner at the end of the pier. No blackballs, closeouts, volleyball nets or “Baywatch” sets — simply put, Trestles is one of those destinations that just about any devoted surfer finds hard to resist. The apex of everything surf in Southern California – peak action, A-framing rights and lefts and even a peek-a-boo view from the freeway. Lowers IS Ground Zero for high-octane surfing. Offering forgivably rippable walls going either way, Lower Trestles only closes out on the rarest of swells.

Shopping, restaurants, surf shops, and art galleries are all within walking distance. 

How does a person’s experience staying at Nomads Hotel differ from a traditional hotel?

Nobody cares as much as an owner: the Hotel was hand built by the owners, features the owners art and design, the owners restaurant is up stairs, their boat is ready to take you on a private surf adventure, their van is ready to pick you up and drop you off at the beach, they can take your photos or teach you to surf or fish. They can perform weddings on the beach or in the water...

The real question is what is the same as the other hotels--Nothing.

What can guests expect from the Nomads Canteen? 

“It’s a gathering place where culturally informed, like minded souls go to witness the collaboration of surf, art, music and great food.”

Located just upstairs from the Hotel, Nomads Canteen specializes in “surfer soul food”. Kick back on our ocean view deck with one of our 33 ice-cold draft beers while enjoying one of our world famous poke bowls. For your visual experience The Canteen always has the latest and greatest surf flicks on our big screens and don’t forget to check out El Jefe’s vintage surfboard collection!!

What is the best thing on the menu, if you had to choose? 

Jaco Poke Bowl

How can guests book their stay at Nomads Hotel?