Industry News 5/19/2015

EVENT: Monster Energy’s Tom Schaar Takes First Place in Pro Division at the Vans Pool Party

Monster Energy congratulates team rider Tom Schaar on taking first place in the Pro Division at the 10th anniversary Vans Pool Party contest on Saturday with a $125,000 prize purse at Vans Skate Park in Orange, California.

In an action-packed pool contest, the young ripper from Malibu, California, took the $28,000 win in front of a field of the world’s biggest names in deep bowl skateboarding, including icons far beyond his age group such as Bucky Lasek, Pedro Barros, and Alex Perelson.

“I’m so stoked to have won this contest,” said Schaar. It’s an honor and I can’t believe I get to skate alongside these guys I have always looked up to.”

Schaar’s standout moves included huge frontside stalefish airs through the deep end’s bowl corner, head-high backside 540s, and huge heelflip indys. By covering the Combi bowl’s every nook and cranny with moves like kickflip indy airs over the hip, alley-oop ollies on the shallow end hip, and method to fakie corner transfers followed by mute 720s, the 15-year-old prodigy cemented his victory over the international A-list of pool skating.

When he was younger, Schaar cut his teeth as a local at Skatelab skate park in Simi Valley, California, constantly pushing his own boundaries and those of skateboarding as a whole. In 2012, he made history as the first skateboarder to ever land a 1080 aerial when he was only 12 years old. At the X Games in Shanghai in the same year, Schaar became the youngest X Games gold medal winner in contest series history, and made the Guinness Book of Records for landing the 1080 in a competition.

Dedicated to progression and constant advancement, Schaar is evolving into a force to be reckoned with on the men’s competition circuit, with recent achievements including a 1st place in the 2014 X Games Big Air event in Austin, Texas.

This weekend’s win at the storied Vans Pool Party contest, which takes place in a replica of the original Combi pool from legendary 1980s Upland Pipeline Skatepark, proves Schaar as a next-generation prodigy and competitor who will undoubtedly be a podium mainstay for years to come.

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