Industry News 5/20/2015

B$Z: Stand Up Paddleboarding Surges in Populatiry, POP Paddleboards Bring CA Culture to the Masses

POP Paddleboards, the ‘globally local’ innovator of bold, advanced stand up paddleboards with fresh inventions, vibrant style and mass appeal, is enjoying a surge in popularity as the sport is blossoming amongst traditional watermen and new consumers alike. With the highest levels of quality control; attention to detail; a standout selection of board styles/colors and the invention of groundbreaking board features that aim for optimal performance, ease in transport and versatility – POP’s success is coming as no surprise to the industry. The POP lifestyle, business operations with supreme attention to personalized customer service and roots in traditional surfing are all resonating with local surf shops and retailers far and wide.

“As a long-time surfer and a native of Southern California myself, the discovery of stand up paddleboarding came as a complete epiphany for me,” said Nick Lanfranco, creator of POP Paddeboards. “After falling in love with the sport, I decided that there was a need and an opportunity to share the indescribable feeling of riding a wave with more than just coastal dwellers. From beginners in a marina to enthusiasts who paddle large waves, stand up paddling gives everyone the chance to have the exhilarating feeling of popping up on a board. On a POP board, you can now discover the lifestyle and stoke that’s captivated us for so long – whether you are on a river, lake, harbor or the ocean.”

“The SUP industry has grown by leaps and bounds the past few years and we are really excited to continue the movement as the first shop to bring POP Paddleboards to Hawaii,” said Eddie “Iggy” Iglesias, general manager of PRS Hawaii. “They bottled up the ‘surf’ and coastal lifestyle and made it available to everyone, which is admirable and forward-thinking. Locals can now see the paddleboards first-hand and really take in the beauty and craftsmanship in person. We pride ourselves in carrying only the best the paddleboard world has the offer – and POP’s performance-centric design, Future Fins, unique traction pads to its innovative ‘Animal Handles’ for board transport are just a few factors that are proof of that. The vibrant colors of the board make them especially cool.”

Since inception, POP Paddleboards has been committed to making stand up paddleboarding accessible to the masses – backing up every single board with unmatched customer service. Embodying a lifestyle that encourages exploration, fitness and fun, POP is determined to create a product that does not sacrifice quality for artistry, while maintaining affordability. POP Paddleboards’ inflatable boards are also available for those who love adventure, travel and dream of taking a board to places previously thought impractical.  Surf inspired boards for those who are looking for responsiveness while charging larger swells are a major specialty for the blossoming company, while soft top boards for a smooth cruising experience for beginner to intermediate riders. Touring boards are optimized for the competitive paddler and fitness lover who want hydrodynamic boards that maximize every stroke taken or for distance/downwind sessions.

POP Paddleboards is “made for making,” encouraging all riders to make their own memorable moments and experiences on a POP Paddleboard. Check out the full line and growing list of retailers at and start planning your next POP moment.