Industry News 5/26/2015

EVENT: Tahoe Donner World Record Challenge

Headed by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (SFI), approximately 40 organizations across the United States and Canada came together on May 20 with a goal to plant over 200,000 trees simultaneously in one hour in an effort to break a world record for a cause. 

Tahoe Donner partnered with the Sugar Pine Foundation and local volunteers to plant 240 western white pines and 120 red firs in a fire-damaged area of Tahoe Donner. The Tahoe Donner team successfully planted all trees well within the hour limit. The seedlings are generally resistant to blister rust fungus, which has devastated forests in the western United States and Canada.

“We were hoping we would get a good turnout, but we never expected so much local support,” said Bill Houdyschell, Tahoe Donner Forester. “We had a total of 69 participants, including children from local schools. I truly am excited we had this opportunity to plant rust-resistant trees. In addition to the world record challenge, we returned something to the environment that should have been here all along.”

In total, 1,100 individuals participated across four time zones with groups ranging in size from 25 to 100 participants. According to SFI, the group initiative to plant over 200,000 trees was successfully completed in one hour’s time. An official confirmation from Guinness World Records is expected within six to eight weeks.