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B$Z: AVEX Strengthens Commitment to Protecting Water Resources with #ItTakesADrop Campaign

June 15, 2015

AVEX, a leading reusable water bottle brand for outdoor adventurers, is pleased to announce the launch of the #ItTakesADrop campaign on July 1, 2015 to help raise awareness about protecting and preserving access to the earth’s most precious resource: water. The launch of this campaign coincides with AVEX’s new partnership announcement with the following non-profit organizations: American Rivers, Surfrider Foundation, Trout Unlimited, The Water Project and The Conservation Alliance.

The #ItTakesADrop campaign will run for five months, and each month one of AVEX’s new water resource partners will be highlighted for the great work they’re doing in caring for and conserving our water resources. The campaign will kick things off in July with a Trout Unlimited contest running from July 1 through July 22. During this month and all proceeding months, the campaign will focus on raising awareness for the respective non-profit being highlighted. The contests will involve participants sharing photos and stories on Twitter and Instagram in response to each contest. Winners will be announced at the end of the month and involve various limited edition AVEX branded products.

AVEX has identified these likeminded non-profit organizations to partner with in order to address the water conservation issue, helping specifically to reduce waste from disposable plastic water bottles from the water cycle and aid in the preservation of clean water resources. AVEX designs and engineers products with superior drink interfaces and lasting value to help save our precious water resources for users today and future generations to come.

“Water connects every living thing on this planet. We are constantly inspired by the element of water as part of this awesome community of outdoor users from surfers to campers, rafters, anglers, skiers, and adventurers,” said David Mellon, AVEX General Manager. “At AVEX, we live, work and play in the mountains, rivers, and oceans; our goal is to make a better hydration product while being committed to giving back to protect our vital, finite water resources on this earth.”