Industry News 7/10/2015

B$Z: Pro Skateboarder Andy Macdonald Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Groundbreaking "Skatercross"

One of the most exciting things to happen to skateboarding since urethane wheels, launched Wednesday and professional skater Andy Macdonald is inviting you to be a part of it.

Macdonald, who has competed at every summer X Games, is the architect behind Skatercross, a thrilling new skateboarding discipline that blends features of motocross, BMX, and snowboarding with several types of skating.

Wednesday, Macdonald launched a Kickstarter campaign in support of the project, giving anyone the opportunity to be a part of skateboard history by getting involved at various levels.

"Picture a BMX or snowboardcross race on a skateboard - that’s Skatercross,” said Macdonald, a 23-time X Games medalist. “With its various features and terrain, Skatercross levels the playing field between street, park, bowl and ramp skaters. It’s super exciting to watch, and with no judging, simple to follow. It's a race, the first one across the finish line wins."

Skatercross pits competitors head-to-head on a demanding course littered with jumps, berms and whoops, providing plenty of opportunity for speed, big air, passing, contact, and inevitably, spectacular crashes.

“This would be a fun, exciting event from a spectator’s perspective,” said legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk. “It’s easy to understand, brings together many types of skaters and the danger factor is obvious. I would love to watch it live!”

The inaugural Skatercross, which will feature a $30,000 prize purse, is slated to take place on Oct. 24, 2015, at the Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex in Holly Springs, N.C. Dhers, a professional BMX rider, has already constructed a course that is a perfect fit for Skatercross. To see skaters in action on the course, click here.

Several pros have given the nod to competing in October including Aaron Astorga, Stu Graham, Zach Miller, Nolan Munroe, Darren Navarette, Mike Owen, Tom Schaar, Alex Sorgente and Jimmy Wilkins.

In addition, invites will be handed out to potential competitors from every sector of the skate universe - rippers like Pedro Barros, Bob Burnquist, Curren Caples, Greyson Fletcher, Riley Hawk, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Wes Kremer, Bucky Lasek, Ryan Sheckler, Tony Trujillo, Mike Vallely and Ishod Wair - to name a few.

The event will include an open time trial, so anyone is invited to come race and see how they stack up against the pros!

In order to push the project forward and help make Skatercross a reality, Macdonald’s Kickstarter campaign has set a goal of $80,000. The first 30 people to pledge at least $10 will receive a first-ever Skatercross poster signed by Macdonald. Other incentives include autographed skate decks, VIP passes to the event and athlete welcome reception, posters signed by all of the pro competitors, the opportunity to hand out awards on the podium, and breakfast and a Skatercross session with Macdonald and friends on the track the day after the event.

The campaign will run through August 10th, 2015.    

"I've always loved skateboarding in all its forms, but Skatercross is the most fun I've had on my board in years,” said Macdonald.