Industry News 8/3/2015

B$Z: Introducing the Cargo Bike for Every Family: the Xtracycle EdgeRunner 24d

From meditation to tiny houses, people are looking everywhere for ways to simplify their lives in today’s busy, fast-moving society. ?Xtracycle?, the innovative bike manufacturer responsible for the recent upswing in cargo bikes in the US, announces today its most simple solution: the 2016 EdgeRunner 24d.  

Equipped with the same capabilities as more expensive bikes in Xtracycle’s lineup, the EdgeRunner 24d (coming in at $1,999) is designed to be comfortable, stylish and safe, whether taking your kids to school, making the weekly grocery run, or going to yoga. A small, 20” rear wheel makes it easy to load kids or cargo, the chromoly steel frame absorbs shock and the beefy tires smooth out bumpy roads. The best part? It rides like a regular bike—stable and maneuverable thanks to the low center of gravity and well-designed frame.

The Xtracycle EdgeRunner series is so versatile, the brand consistently hears reports of their long-tail bikes transforming lives all over the country. One parent, Meghan Pillow of Chicago exclaimed, “The Xtracycle has changed the fabric of our lifestyle and how we interact together as a family: We've partnered with another family to start a kidical mass bike ride in a nearby neighborhood, we planned our family vacation around where we could bike with the Xtracycle, and we take mini-adventures every time we go out for a ride.”  

The 24d’s upright riding position and wide saddle accommodates both parents, from small to tall. At just under $2,000, the EdgeRunner 24D is the most affordable cargo bike option in Xtracycle’s lineup for 2016, but touts the same ability and level of fun as the other EdgeRunners.  

Available in four colors—Zone Blue, Vitamin Orange, Peppermint, and Blackout—the 24D, with 24 gears, is a poppy addition for anyone who wants more quality time with their children or just wants to simplify their life. 

The simple, affordable cargo bike for every family: 
The 24d
- Comfortably carries up to three children
- Comes with
     - Xtracycle CarryAll bags. Capacious cargo bay for your stuff, FreeLoader straps for strapping on larger items, and a removable all-weather PVC-free lid.
     - Xtracycle KickBack. The world’s greatest dual-legged kickstand is ultra stable when loading and unloading your most precious cargo.
- Features Xtracycle’s ecosystem of quality accessories for carrying families and cargo.
- Wide, reflective tires that take the bumps out of the road.
- Disc brakes for quick stopping in any weather.

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