Work-Life 8/10/2015

Malakye Picks: Making Business Travel AWESOME


Going the Distance: Positive Attitudes for Conducting Yourself During Business Trips by Leslie Juvin-Acker (read it on
Why Read It? Because while the logistics of travel are important, how you conduct yourself while traveling is even more important.

  • Take the opportunity to see and hear what's really going on with your clients, suppliers, etc. and be ready to take it all in
  • Business trips can be exhausting, but it's important to connect with those we don't normally connect with outside of the business environment
  • The whole "What happens in Vegas..." saying does NOT apply to business travel and its a very important thing to remember

"While business travel has its benefits and disadvantages (I'm sure it's easy for you to think of a few things we sacrifice) there is always something to be gained from the experiences from being on the road. With basic attitudes towards handling how you take care of business either domestically or abroad, you can go the distance for your career and bring the success home."


Etiquette Tips for Traveling with the Boss (read it on
Why Read It? Because you don't want to make a bad impression.

  • Though you may be used to traveling comfortably, when traveling for business, you are representing the company during every part of the trip
  • Treat every aspect of the trip as if you were at the office
  • Plan ahead - get to the airport on time, know where you are staying and where your meetings are

"Now he travels frequently with board members. He always sits separately when he's doing long-haul trips, he never drinks too much, he checks in at home and leaves plenty of time to get to the airport. And he never wears sweatpants."

10 Tips for Efficient Business Travel
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Experienced Business Travelers Reveal Their Favorite Travel Tips
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