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B$Z: 8BPLUS Launches It's Climbing Monsters in the US

August 26, 2015

More fun at climbing! 8BPLUS (8b+) is not only a rock climbing difficulty grade on the French scale, but also a small and innovative brand from Tirol/Austria, which injects fun and new ideas into the climbing scene. Coming from the middle of the European Alps, the young brand convinces with unconventional designs and well thought through products.

Meet FELIX, LENA, BRUNO and friends, the unmistakable chalk bags from 8BPLUS and the stars of their collection. With furry hair, lots of playful details and their individual, quirky characters they cause turning heads and smiles in the climbing audience.  Good mood truly seems to be contagious! 

It is that love for the detail that sets the 8BPLUS character chalk bags apart. All models feature detailed embroideries, huge beady eyes, individual personality stories which can be viewed online and all the accessories you could possibly need for a chalk bag (plus an awesome gift packaging). Some models have sewn arms while others are equipped with cotton cords forming dreadlocks that Mr. Bob Marley himself would be jealous. But given all these playful details 8BPLUS manages to breathe in an attitude of coolness into their lineup, making their products attractive for young and not-so-young-anymore alike. 

Being developed by rock climbers and frequently tested during development it is made sure that all 8BPLUS products are not only great to look at, but also deliver in every technical aspect to a rock climber’s expectation. Only high quality materials are used and assembled in robust workmanship to form an enduring rock climbing product. That every product has received a great amount of thought can be seen by the simple but innovative ideas that have been implemented into their designs, such as brush holders for left –and right handers, or a zippered guidebook-pocket that enhances the stance of their boulder bags. Simple but thoughtful features which will be appreciated by climbers and boulderers.  

The crazy 8BPLUS chalk bags are soon going to be available at major specialty stores and climbing gyms in the US and will be retailing for 29 USD, while its boulder bags will be priced at 39 USD.

The people behind 8BPLUS believe that rock climbing is above all a sport to connect with fellow climbers and to meet new people and friends. It is that fun factor in climbing which they promote and we can be sure its creatively designed chalk bags and boulder bags are a must for all rock climbers who don’t take life too serious and want to inject a bit of humor into their sport.