Industry News 9/2/2015

EVENT: Scotty Laird Wins US Skateboarding Championships, Earns Trip to South Africa to Compete

World Skateboarding Grand Prix (WSGP) – the leading global skateboarding events management company – announced today that Scotty Laird won the first-ever U.S. Skateboarding Championships held in Washington D.C. on Saturday, August 29. Laird qualified for the finals after winning the Kansas City, Missouri regional qualifiers hosted by Escapist Skateboarding. Yoshi Tanenbaum, who qualified at Pitcrew in Maryland, placed second and also won the Best Trick contest. Finalists earned spots by placing in the top three in regional competitions held in nine cities over the summer. The first place winners received paid trips to the finals. Laird’s win earns him a trip to compete in the Skateboarding World Championships at the Kimberley Diamond Cup in South Africa Oct. 7-10.

The qualifying contests were held at nine of the leading independent skate retailers across the country, including:  Pitcrew (Frederick, Maryland), Uprise (Chicago), Shrunkenhead Skateboards (Portland), Escapist Skateboarding (Kansas City, Missouri), KCDC (New York), Skate Works & One Way (San Jose and Santa Maria, California),  3rd Lair (Minneapolis), Hazard County (Atlanta) and Rhythm Skate Shop (Dallas).

“I’ve spent the past couple of years getting to know Scotty and have traveled with him on a number of skate trips,” said Nick Owen from Escapist Skateboarding.  “The dude is always on turbo in everything he does; the best hype man you could ever have in skateboarding or anything else really. Scotty's energy and positive outlook on life make him always fun to skate with, hangout with, party with, travel with or whatever.  I am proud to call him my friend and no one in Kansas City was surprised that he won. Scotty is a pro – the world just doesn't know it yet.  Remember this: Scotty is LOUD!”

2015 U.S. Skateboarding Championship Results:

1)           Scotty Laird – representing Escapist in Kansas City, Missouri

2)           Yoshi Tanenbaum – representing Pitcrew in Frederick, Maryland

3)           Eli Williams – representing Hazard County in Atlanta, Georgia

4)           Braden Stelma – representing Skate Works/One Way in Santa Maria, California

5)           Dillon Aguilar – representing Escapist in Kansas City, Missouri

6)           Corey Huber – representing Pitcrew in Frederick, Maryland

7)           Taylor Bray – representing Rhythm Skate Shop in Dallas, Texas

8)           Brennan Booth – representing Shrunkenhead Skateboards in Portland, Oregon

9)           Jonathon Reese – representing 3rd Lair in Minneapolis, Minnesota

10)         Gavin Nolan – representing KCDC in Brooklyn, New York

11)         Hugo Flores – representing Pitcrew Skate Shop in Frederick, Maryland

12)         Joel Esch – representing Escapist in Kansas City, Missouri

13)         Elijah Rashad – representing 3rd Lair in Minneapolis, Minnesota

14)         Cole Wayka – representing 3rd Lair in Minneapolis, Minnesota

15)         Dakota Camp – representing Rhythm Skate Shop in Dallas, Texas

The format for the finals was a single elimination, head-to-head bracket-style format, widely hailed as the most innovative and exciting format for contests today.  The U.S. Skateboarding Championships are sanctioned by the World Skateboarding Federation, a governing body for skateboarding.