Industry News 9/9/2015

EVENT: SESSION - Bob Hurley, powered by Group Y

Join Group Y on Wednesday, September 16th at Boathouse Collective in Costa Mesa, CA for the inaugural SESSION Series, an intimate one-on-one exclusive networking event that brings founders and creators from today’s leading brands to discuss their experiences, challenges and insights to accelerating business growth.

The first SESSION welcomes Founder of HurleyBob Hurley as a guest host – attendees will have the opportunity to connect with Bob Hurley, engage with like-minded industry leaders and come together to discuss the latest trends fueling our culture.

For Bob Hurley, it all started with the desire to make a better surfboard. Working closely with the best up-and-coming surfers in Huntington Beach and world champions like Rabbit Bartholomew, the Hurley label quickly became synonymous with the best high-performance shortboards on offer. Combining youth energy with a relentless drive to make surfing better, Bob seamlessly ventured into the apparel business, growing Billabong USA in the ’80s and ’90s to $100M before starting his own brand — Hurley — in 1999. For Bob, Hurley was more than an apparel company — it was an innovative, inclusive hub for every young creative mind with an affinity for the ocean. After partnering with Nike in 2002, Bob continues his mission of making Hurley the world’s most forward-thinking surf brand and a global Microphone for Youth.