Industry News 9/16/2015

EVENT: World Class Endurance Time Trial Racers to Arrive in California

The 5th edition of the 6-12-24 World Time Trial Championships will take place on November 13th and 14th, 2015 in Borrego Springs, California.

This is the season-ending event on the domestic endurance racing calendar and is set to draw the best endurance time trial racers from North America and Europe. Leading this year’s field is Stuart Birnie (UK), last year’s champion, and Seana Hogan (USA), the 2012 champion and 24-hour outdoor track world record holder. The group challenging Birnie for this year’s title will be led by 24-hour track record holder, Marko Baloh (SLO) and Melfar 24-Hour past winner, Peter Sandholt (DEN).  Other racers that will also be in the hunt for the win will be David Haase (USA), Alberto Blanco (USA), Julian Sanz Garcia (ESP), Stefan Schlegel (GER) and Meurig James (UK). With two months until the race the field will surely become increasingly competitive.

According to SOUL Events Managing Partner, Rick Boethling, "There are some great 24-hour races around but very few will have a truly international field of racers. In a few short years international racers have recognized the beauty of racing in the Southern California desert to wrap up their year.” 

The race starts and finishes on Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs. The course will use 2 loops - 18 miles and 4.8 miles. The 24-hour racers will start at 6:00PM Friday, the 12-hour racers at 6:00AM Saturday and the 6-hour racers at 12:00Noon on Saturday. All riders will use the 18-mile loop until 5:30PM Saturday after which they'll switch to the 4.8 mile loop to finish. No support vehicles will be allowed on the course - all support will be at the start/finish location - Avenida Nordeste on Christmas Circle. Race management will provide neutral support.

Race Director, Jon Reiling told us, “We expect this to be the most competitive race field to date and surely some records will be broken. We look forward to at least one of the racers breaking the 500 mile barrier, which is the absolute pinnacle for 24-hour racing."

Registration is still open!
Register here: 6-12-24 Hour Worlds 

Current Records –

24-Hour Male – Marko Baloh – 495.4 (2012)

24-Hour Female – Seana Hogan – 432.2 (2012)

12-Hour Male – Andrew Danly – 254 (2014)

12-Hour Female – Lisa Renee Tumminello – 220.5 (2013)

6-Hour Male – Dana Skriver – 142.2 (2013)

6-Hour Female – Rebecca Eckland – 115 (2014)