Industry News 9/25/2015

Malakye Picks: Building an Agile Mind

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Intellectual Alchemy: How To Transform Recurring Situations Into Unique Opportunities by Leslie Juvin-Acker (read it on
Why Read It? Because if you're finding that no matter what situation you're in, it's always "same old, same old," this might be the solution to your problem.

  • If you're finding yourself often in these repetitive situations, it's probably time to take a look at the bigger picture and ask yourself what could have been done differently
  • Learn to be a mental ninja - take a minute to evaluate the situation and have the agility to handle each situation as its own
  • Create your own opportunities from tough situations
  • Allow yourself to be mentally flexible

"Intellectual agility demands constantly challenging our own paradigms - instead of immediately challenging those of others (managers, subordinates, clients, etc) - in order to shift the situation from annoying and potentially explosive to educational and harmonious. "


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