Industry News 10/8/2015

VIDEO: Dawn in Siberia, a Multimedia Experience

POWDER's new four-part multimedia story, Dawn In Siberia, presented by The North Face, documents the discovery of a fringe backcountry community, deep powder, and skiing's ancient origins via the 5,771 miles of the Trans-Siberian Railway, the longest continuous rail in the world.

Written by John Clary Davies, Executive Editor at POWDER, with imagery from world-renowned travel photographer Kari Medig, and video from Sherpas Cinema, it is the first of POWDER's award-winning multimedia series for the season. The stunning format details their adventures along with skiers Ingrid Backstrom, Nick Martini, Callum Pettit, and Sherpas cinematographers Leo Hoorn and Mason Mashon. The journey highlights incredible backcountry terrain, perfect powder turns, and the indigenous village of Ust'-Anzas, where locals construct homemade skis whittled from wood, with climbing skins comprised of horse hair and flesh—tools used for hunting, as skiing is a method of survival.

Dawn In Siberia, first featured in print in the September 2015 issue of POWDER, is designed for desktop or tablet display, but can also be viewed via mobile device.

The Great Siberian Traverse, a film presented by The North Face in partnership with POWDER and Sherpas Cinema, debuts on Vimeo On Demand on November 4. Visit for more details.

Dawn In Siberia will also be available as a premium coffee-table style book, with astounding imagery from Medig, as well as an additional fifth chapter from Davies, that captures the full story in a timeless format.