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B$Z: White Sierra Adopts CenterStone’s B2B Platform

October 14, 2015

White Sierra, the 35 year old outdoor, performance and adventure clothing brand, and CenterStone Technologies, the leader in B2B e-commerce sales tools for the active, outdoor markets, announce their collaboration making White Sierra available on the CenterStone platform immediately at

“CenterStone really is the best in class and is the industry standard, so it was an easy choice for us,” said Chris Elkins, Executive Vice President of Sales and Operations at White Sierra. “We took a look at our retail landscape and wanted to deliver what our retailers needed and wanted. CenterStone platform will provide them with the ability to get information and place orders when they want to. They also put more detailed information in the hands of our reps and will increase their service level to our accounts.”

“We’re excited to have White Sierra join the growing number of brands using CenterStone Technology,” says Dave Mathias, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CenterStone. “It used to be that B2B software was just about executing a transaction, but White Sierra understands the fullness of what we offer and how it can benefit not just sales, but customer service, marketing, operations and of course the IT department.  We’re looking forward to our partnership and helping all aspects of their business grow.”

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