Industry News 10/27/2015

B$Z: Sciessent Announces Partnership with 10X for Odor Control Apparel

Sciessent, the leading provider of antimicrobial and odor adsorption solutions for the textile and apparel industries, is proud to announce their partnership with 10X, manufacturer of technical hunting gear. Sciessent Agion Active XL™ odor control technology will be featured on a new line of 10X hunting apparel that will give hunters the stealth they need to stay undetected in the field.

Agion Active XL, a unique dual-acting technology exclusively offered by 10X this fall, neutralizes odor-causing bacteria while capturing body odors. While other odor control technologies rely on laundering to regenerate their odor fighting properties, Agion Active XL self-regenerates between launderings for longer-lasting odor control.

“We are thrilled to announce 10X as our newest brand partner,” said Paul Ford, Sciessent CEO. “Scent control is crucial to any hunter’s success and the addition of Agion Active XL to the 10X line will add superior performance with a leading odor-management technology to help hunters win their prize.”   

Agion Active XL offers two levels of odor protection that help keep hunters invisible to big game. Agion’s silver-based antimicrobial application controls the growth of odor causing bacteria while proprietary LAVA XL™ odor-control technology traps body odors as they are exposed to the fabric from inside and out. This protects apparel from common odors caused by bacteria and sweat. In intensive, long-term testing, the Agion Active XL reduced odors by more than 95 percent and remained nearly that effective after 50 washes.  

The combination of this premium scent-control formula with technical fabrics makes 10X the clear choice for serious hunters seeking performance gear at an affordable price. 

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