Work-Life 11/9/2015

PHOTOS: Nitro Circus Live

Last week, the Nitro Circus Live tour stopped at the Staples Center to deliver its epic live action sports show to fans in Los Angeles, California during the show's North American Tour. The show was lead by action sports legend Travis Pastrana and, from start to finish, the energy never stopped! There were elements of motocross, skateboarding, snowboarding and skiing (minus the snow), flying contraptions like wheel barrows and bathtubs, and so much more!

You can expect audience engagement, seeing the impossible being possible, and Nitro athletes going head to head. It's definitely a can't miss show! Get your tickets to Nitro Circus here - you won't regret it!

However, if you missed the show this time around, have no fear! Check out our photo recap here:

Ringmaster, Nitro Circus' fearless leader, and action sports legend Travis Pastrana

All Nitro Circus athletes getting ready for the show to begin

The show was dedicated to Nitro Circus family member, Erik Roner, who tragically lost his life in a sky diving accident in October 2015

Multiple athletes and crew members wore "Roner" on their backs to celebrate his life

Nitro Circus is known for its contraptions, and this weekend's show was no different

Kids' trikes were only one of the bizarre objects the athletes were attempting tricks with

There were an abundance of abstract objects flying through the air

Representing the ladies, Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana was ripping on the ramp

No snow? No problem.

Team USA

Team Rest of the World

So many epic FMX tricks!

FMX athletes taking on tricks riding tandem

Getting some airtime

It wouldn't be Nitro Circus without audience participation - that's THREE fearless audience members backflipping with a professional (they landed it!)

Brother and sister duo Emma and Matthew McFerran changing positions in the air

Paraplegic Bruce Cook doing the impossible

Bruce Cook mid-back flip!

Nitro BOMB!