Industry News 11/11/2015

EVENT: The 22nd Annual Tampa AM is Set to Kick Off in Partnership with Street League Skateboarding

This weekend Street League Skateboarding (SLS) will live webcast their first partnership event of the legendary Tampa Am – the most significant amateur skateboarding competition as a determinant for fresh talent over the last 21 years. Under this partnership the stakes have never been higher, with the winner qualifying into the 2016 SLS Pro Open to skate against the professionals and contend for a spot on the 2016 League roster along side SLS Pros like Chris Cole, Luan Oliveira, Nyjah Huston and the 2015 SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Champion Kelvin Hoefler. 

Composing the lineup of the 2015 Tampa Am are the top 250 Am skateboarders from around the world, with the top 12 from each of the Damn Am Select Series contests qualifying directly to the Semi-Final on Sunday. Some of the year’s biggest names in amateur skateboarding will be included such as United States rippers Antonio Durao, Jack Olson, Dashawn Jordan, Alex Midler, Jamie Foy and Tyson Bowerbank. Coming out of Brazil is Carlos Iqui, from Canada is Micky Papa, and all the way from Belgium is Axel Cruysberghs. Having won the 2015 Damn Am of the Year after finishing first in the ranking of the Damn Am Select Series – which also qualifies him to compete in the 2016 SLS Pro Open – is Nike SB Am Yoshi Tanenbaum. 

This year marks a historical development in professional skateboarding as SLS began a long-term partnership with Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT), bringing their collection of core competitions within the greater SLS platform. Each of the events – the Tampa Pro, Tampa Am and Damn Am Select Series – now act as feeders into a framework that progressively leads to street skateboarding’s official world championship as sanctioned by the International Skateboarding Federation (ISF): the SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship. “Tampa Am, being the world’s best am contest, has just stepped up another notch,” says SPoT founder Brian Schaefer, “by allowing the winner to become part of a bigger picture, and giving them a platform leading to a pro career.”   

As a standalone event, Tampa Am has brought the spotlight onto some of the most accomplished street skateboarders of today, with the winners propelled into the professional arena and, in some cases, on to becoming World Champion. Current game changers such as Luan Oliveira, Nyjah Huston, Felipe Gustavo, Ryan Decenzo and Cody McEntire have all taken the Tampa Am podium, proving themselves first among their amateur contemporaries and then in the world of professional street skateboarding.

Under the new partnership with SPoT, SLS will be hosting an exclusive live webcast on, with full highlights and re-airs also available on

LIVE: Saturday, November 14 starting at 11 AM ET – Qualifiers and Concrete Jam
LIVE: Sunday, November 15 starting at 11 AM ET – Semi-Final and Final 
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