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B$Z:Shred Optics and Slytech Protection Add Antti Autti, Kevin Backstrom, Jake Welch & Shin Biyajima

November 20, 2015

Adding to an already strong team, we at Shred Optics and Slytech Protection, are stoked to welcome four new riders to our family: Antti Autti, Kevin Backstrom, Jake Welch, and Shin Biyajima joining heavy hitters Victor De Le Rue, JP Solberg, Romain De Marchi, Kent Callister, David Djité, Lucas Baume, Severin Van Der Meer and James Niederberger.

Being athlete driven has always been at the core of our identity, and as we continue to build our family around the best riders in the world we look forward to a brighter future of close partnership and growth.  Every one of these riders adds more depth to our team and collaborating with each individual helps us push our boundaries, as they push theirs.  Through high-tech innovation we continue to provide the highest quality products that help our athletes do what they do best – SHRED.

Federico Merle, CMO/CFO spoke to the strength of the SB team, "having Kevin, Jake, Antti, and Shin join our talented family of riders including Victor De Le Rue, Romain De Marchi, JP Solberg, Kent Callister, David Djité, Lucas Baume, Severin Van Der Meer and James Niederberger means a lot to us on a lot of different levels. Obviously the talent and commitment of all of these riders really strengthens our team, but more importantly, it improves our family and broadens our boundaries. We are an athlete born company, and to continue our practice of finding the most talented and committed riders is really important to us. We look forward to working together to ensure that all of our riders' input positively influence the direction of Shred Optics products, where style meets performance, and to find progressive technologies and products to improve the Slytech Protection line, which is innovation through high technology.

“This is a dream team!”— Snowboard Business Developer Alvaro Vogel lays it out plain and simple. “Adding some of the most iconic riders around the world to an already super rad squad with Victor De Le Rue, Romain De Marchi, JP Solberg and the rookies is a dream come true for me! I can’t wait to have all of them together on snow.”

Carlo Salamini, Co-founder and head product engineer is amped as well, “I am so happy that Kevin, Jake, and Antti have joined the family. Continuing to build such a strong snowboard team with vastly different styles and passions will help us for years to come as we continue to build the bonds between our riders and our engineers to seek out the most progressive technologies and products possible. Giving our riders the style and performance to excel is a key part of our mission, and we will never quit looking for new innovative projects."

"I'm excited to be part of such great program with Shred & Slytech. There is great mix of riders on the team. Each of us have our own unique approach in snowboarding, which is awesome. Being a part of such a strong team will instantly open up new opportunities and adventures for all of us riders. I can´t wait to get out there and shred with everyone!”  Having won almost every contest you can list from X-games Aspen to Toyota Big Air in Sapporo, Antti Autti has recently been taking his passion into the backcountry. There seems to be nothing this kid can’t ride and he is always looking for new terrain. 

Kevin Backstrom is a true rock star who puts his signature style and talent into the ‘shred all day party all night’ mentality.  This guy brings a level of creativity and enthusiasm to his riding that is tough to match! "I'm stoked to join Shred and the Slytech family. I love the simple but dope looking frames!  It's a heavy team with Victor, Antti, Jake, Djite and I'm pumped to now be a part of it! There is gonna be some fun times ahead with Shred, Slytech, and the boys that's for sure.”

As one of the most versatile riders across the board Jake Welch routinely delivers epic parts year after year.  Never one to back down from a gnarly line, Jake brings the noise every time he hits the slopes. “I’m stoked to join the Shred and Slytech family! I couldn’t be more hyped to be a part of brands that were born in the mountains and bred by other fellow snowboarders. That’s hard to come by these days! Also I think that Kevin, Antti, and Victor are all amazing riders and I look forward to being part a rad group of amazing snowboarders and see what we can come up with!!”

On new rider Shin Biyajima, Snowboard Business Development Manager, Alvaro Vogel shared, "the first time I heard anything about Shin I was in AK, and everyone couldn't stop talking about his flawless style slashing spines. He is a really solid rider, and so well respected in the community. We are so happy to have him join the family. I can't wait to go ride with him and the crew because he knows every corner of Japan and where all the secret stashes are!"

Jake, Antti, and Kevin all bring such unique talent and creativity to the table, and here at AAS we couldn’t be more excited to watch these boys throw down!