Industry News 12/3/2015

B$Z: Remedy Communications Offers Free “PR Checkup” For Action Sports And Outdoor Brands

Remedy Communications is releasing the beta version of its proprietary PR Checkup, for free, to help action and outdoor brands evaluate their existing non-endemic PR and social media communications programs. The Remedy PR Checkup audits a brand’s public relations efforts, expectations and results, to identify areas of excellence and potential for improvement. Disappointment in a brand’s communications program can result for a variety of reasons and the PR Checkup aims to uncover what inadequacies may exist and if appropriate, recommend plausible fixes.

“The idea for the PR Checkup came about because we’ve heard from brands multiple times over the last few years that they don’t know if they’re getting the media coverage they should be for the amount of effort they’re putting forward,” commented Bill Byrne, co-director at Remedy Communications. “The initial testing we’ve done with the PR Checkup has yielded a variety of results, ranging from PR partners over-promising, to brands having inflated expectations or simply missing out on easy opportunities.”

The Remedy PR Checkup goes beyond the basic review of media recaps and status reports to include strategies and tactics executed, an analysis of resources allocated, and the media outlets targeted. Offered free while still in refinement to action and outdoor companies, the end result will be a breakdown of what is working well for the brand, potential modifications or the assurance that their existing PR program is delivering a great value for the level of resources being devoted.

“I’ve been working on the non-endemic PR side of the action sports world since the 90’s and one of the biggest issues I’m seeing today is that many outside of the public relations industry don’t realize that it often takes much more effort to secure media coverage than it did even two years ago. At the same time, many brands in this world have a lot to offer the non-endemic media and much of the low-hanging fruit just isn’t being picked,” continued Byrne.

The Remedy team has an eclectic public relations background, making them well suited to evaluate the PR efforts of brands in a variety of industries. Collectively, the Remedy team has worked with upstarts and entrenched brands in action sports, the outdoors, consumer tech, B2B, consumer finance, food and bev, hospitality and healthcare. This diverse background gives the Remedy team keen insight into the current state of media across the board, allowing them to take best practices from industry one and leverage them for another.

The Remedy PR Checkup is a multi-week process, custom tailored to each brand’s consumer targets and media goals. It can be used by brands that handle their PR and social media efforts in-house, as well as those that use outside partners, by going through a redaction process that keeps agency information anonymous. Brands interested in going through the Remedy Communications PR Checkup can email