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B$Z: Berghaus Introduces New Partnerships and Technologies For Fall 2016

December 10, 2015

Berghaus has a deep history in bringing World’s Firsts to the global market and once again MtnHaus, Berghaus’ internal development team has created higher performance products through partnerships and creative thinking and a never-say-no attitude.

Developing industry-leading technologies, fabrics, constructions and processes takes a major investment of time and resources and Berghaus embraces this challenge, taking manufacturing to the next level of environmental sensitivity and resource management.

Building on its groundbreaking MADEKIND program, which ensures that the products meet strict criteria whether it’s sourcing or materials or processes, Berghaus has partnered with two legendary outdoor technology brands to develop new products that perform better, for longer and are more environmentally friendly than existing products.

In a major initiative for fall/winter 2016 Berghaus extended its award-winning COLOURKIND™ dyeing technology to waterproofs in an exclusive partnership with GORE-TEX®.  Berghaus COLOURKIND™ is a fabric dyeing technology that is kinder to the environment, with a particular focus on fresh water savings. Compared with regular processes, Berghaus COLOURKIND™ fabric dyeing uses fewer stages, resulting in savings of 89% in water usage, 63% fewer chemicals used, and a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions.  By adding colour to the nylon chips before they are extruded into fibres, Berghaus saved over 1 million gallons of water in 2015, and also delivered better quality fabrics with improved colourfastness.

COLOURKIND™ partnered with GORE-TEX® is featured in the Island Peak collection of men’s and women’s all season walking jackets and pants.  The range includes: the men’s Island Peak 3-in-1 Hydroloft jacket; the men’s and women’s Island Peak jackets; the men’s and women’s Island Peak 3-in-1 jackets; and the men’s and women’s Island Peak pants.  

Another major initiative for Fall/Winter 2016 features a new partnership between Berghaus and NikWax to develop their new hydrophobic Hydrodown®, a fluorocarbon-free hydrophobic down. Berghaus, the first brand to ring hydrophobic down to the global marketplace continues to lead I responsible down sourcing, environmental treatments and the highest quality performance. Berghaus down is EU sourced and processed in the United States and is certified by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) – a rigorous auditing process of its supply chain, ensuring traceability back through to hatching. By also investing in a ne fluorocarbon f-free treatment process that smashes through the ceiling of previous performance standards. Berghaus Hydrodown now lasts over 16 hours of hydro testing and will be used in all down styles or AW16. 

Along with other COLOURKIND™ styles, products made with recycled materials and all bluesign® approved lines, the new COLOURKIND™ partnered with GORE-TEX® range and Hydrodown™ Powered by NikWax continues to build on the wider Berghaus MADEKIND initiative.  By combining an innovative and massive water saving messaging campaign and ethical standards with well-designed performance garments, Berghaus MADEKIND products make getting outside feel better than ever. 

The Berghaus fall/winter 2016 collection will be available from and selected specialty outdoor retailers from September 2016.


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