Industry News 12/21/2015

PHOTO Recap: BYRD + Richer Poorer Holiday Party

BYRD and Richer Poorer teamed up for a festive holiday bash this year to celebrate a successful 2015. Held at BYRD’s Culver City, Calif. headquarters, the BYRD’s Nest, the party was in partnership with Santa Monica-based The Black Tux which outfitted some attendees in tuxedos for the evening.  Retailers, brand ambassadors and friends enjoyed beverages by Saint Archer, Union Wine and Just Chill along with street tacos and cotton candy by Bon Puf. 

Here is a quick photo recap of the event (Photo credit: BYRD / @captainbarto (Adam Bartoshesky)): 

BYRD and Richer Poorer group outside of the BYRD's Nest

Inside BYRD's Barber Shop

The BYRD Bar

Ted Gushui (Petrolicious editor), Chase Wilson (BYRD founder), Michael Donovan (BYRD VP)

Hank Geer (The Black Tux social media), Chad Cress (Richer Poorer creative director), Desiree  Buchanan (The Black Tux business development manager), Chase Wilson (BYRD founder), Michael Donovan (BYRD VP)

The Bon Puf cotton candy stand

A bird's eye view of the party