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Fox Sports Secures National Television Rights to Titans of Mavericks

February 11, 2016

90-Minute Primetime Special Presents Acclaimed Surf Contest Pitting Elite Athletes Against the World’s Most Dangerous Wave

FOX Sports has secured multi-year television rights to TITANS OF MAVERICKS, the premium, big-wave surfing event that takes place at the legendary surf spot Mavericks just off the coas-tline of Half Moon Bay, Calif. Fueled by the El Nino weather pattern, the contest is expected to be held in death-defying 40- to 50-foot surf this Friday and made into an exciting, 90-minute primetime television showtargeted for late spring.
“This winter has already seen some of the biggest waves ridden around the world,” says Melissa Forman, FOX Sports SVP, Development, Original Programming. “We’re excited that the surfers will be ready to take on giant waves at Mavericks this week. It will be like no other sporting event ever presented on FOX Sports and we’re thrilled to be a part of the whole experience.”

“We’re delighted to have FOX Sports tentpole this fantastic franchise,” says Griffin Guess, Titans of Mavericks Principle. “Mavericks is one of the most thrilling action sports events on Earth and dominates the surf space. I look forward to FOX Sports bringing its excellence, edge and expertise to presenting the biggest waves in the world into U.S. homes. Viewers are going to love this.”

TITANS OF MAVERICKS is the globally recognized big-wave event and brand. With the event window running from November 1 until March 31,24 of the world’s best surfers attempt to com-pete at the highest level of skill, risk and athleticism to stand out and effortlessly challenge these the massive swells on the biggest and best day of the winter season. They put it all on the line for a shot at victory and a piece of the six figure prize purse.These elite athletes risk death-defying drops and bone-crushing wipeouts in the ultimate quest of man-versus-nature.     

The television production promises to provide viewers access to the event like never before. The production utilizes multi-camera highlights and the top-of-the-line super slow motion cameras, helicopters, drones,Cineflex units, in-water POVs, multi-vessel camera mounts, mounted athlete cameras and other advanced tools to capture the production at the highest level. In addition to the production, a fully art directed set presents play-by-play action and first-hand interviews during the explosive action. Special interest talent segments and other relevant features give light to the cultural significance that makes Mavericks unique.  
Since TITANS OF MAVERICKS  is only held in the biggest and best conditions, the contest was last held in 2014 in massive 35-foot surf, when South African Grant “Twiggy” Baker took the win over Hawaiian big-wave legend Shane Dorian. Other past champions include San Clemente, California’s Greg Long (2008) and Santa Cruz, California’s Anthony Tashnick (2005).

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