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Reynolds Cycling Launches First Carbon Fat Bike Wheelset

February 16, 2016

Reynolds Cycling manufacturer of premium carbon fiber wheels is introducing a class leading fatbike wheelset, The Dean. Featuring Reynolds’ own proprietary carbon rim technology and Industry Nine hubs, the Dean is the industry’s first premium, all-season wheelset upgrade for fatbikes.

“The Dean can charge any mountain bike terrain, from dirt to rock to snow,” said Mike Dufner, CFO of Reynolds Cycling. “We’re excited to now offer a fatbike wheel upgrade, equipped with Reynolds’ industry-leading carbon fiber technology for huge weight savings and performance gains on the bike.”

The Dean is a true mountain bike wheel that is well suited to any trail condition regardless of season. Designed as an all terrain fatbike wheel, it features a tubeless and hookless double-wall carbon fiber rim that trims a lot of weight when compared to most fat wheels, but more importantly, it meets the same strength and durability standards Reynolds set for all Blacklabel mountain bike wheels.

The rim measures 85mm external/80mm internal with a depth of 28mm, giving riders a wide range of tire compatibility and superior comfort. The fully tubeless optimized rim channel allows for easy set up with a floor pump and creates a strong tire/rim interface allowing for burp free performance at low pressures and superior traction in all conditions.

The Dean is available now for $2,650 at Reynolds Authorized Dealers, which can be found at