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PeopleForBikes to Host CityBuilders Symposium in Copenhagen this June

February 23, 2016

PeopleForBikes is leading an immersive study tour in Copenhagen, Denmark from June 6-11, 2016. Designed for delegations of local leaders interested in catalyzing change to build better cities, the CityBuilders Symposium combines meetings with Danish officials and transportation experts, hands-on site visits by bike, and facilitated strategy sessions on how to implement the best ideas back home. Previously only by invitation, enrollment is now open for all cities and communities to participate.

“This intensive seminar emphasizes the role of the bike as a tool for city improvement, not as a goal in and of itself,” said Martha Roskowski, VP of Local Innovation at PeopleForBikes. “Delegates return home with a clearer vision, more inspiration and better tools to speed the implementation of current projects and create more robust long-term strategies.”

The CityBuilders Symposium is designed for teams of four or more people from a city consisting of multidisciplinary, cross-sector innovators with an interest and influence in transportation issues. City staff and elected officials typically make up the backbone of a delegation, joined by leaders from business and community groups, academics and philanthropists

Set against the backdrop of world-class urbanism, delegations will join experts for a rolling five-day facilitated conversation about transforming U.S. streets. Innovative local leaders at all levels, whether mayors, traffic engineers, social justice advocates or economic development staff, will learn from global best practices and U.S. peer cities as they develop a unique vision for thriving cities and people-focused places. The content balances the role of streets in great communities with how to make bicycling practical and safe for all ages and abilities.

“Participants come home with a whole new vision on how multi-modal cities can work and the role of bikes in building that city,” said Roskowski. “They will also develop a peer support system to help them turn inspiration into action when they get back home.”

The $5,000 per person registration fee for the CityBuilders Symposium includes all on-the-ground expenses, including hotel, meals, local transportation, bike rental, expert speaker fees and guides. Airfare to Copenhagen is not included. A 20% deposit is due by April 1 to secure a delegation. Spaces are limited.

Applications are now being accepted from city delegations ready to take the next steps toward vibrant neighborhoods and safe, comfortable streets.

Since 2009, PeopleForBikes has led professional study tours throughout Europe to inspire more than 300 leaders and ignite momentum for better bike infrastructure back home. Creating a shared vision for better streets leads to the implementation of protected bike lanes and related policy and culture changes.

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