Back to News $4,000 Give-A-Way for Photographers & Videographers & POV Enthusiasts

March 18, 2016

Teaming up with some of the adventure gear industry's best brands, GoWorx has created three epic giveaways targeted at aerial, surf, and session photo/video capture. With over $4K of free gear going out, let's look at a complete rundown of what's included, which (you heard right!) includes a free 3DR Solo drone, GoPro HERO4 Session and a KNEKT Dome Port.

Enter here:

Entrees will be eligible to win one of these three epic giveaways, each featuring an obscenely awesome arsenal of camera gear, mounts and accessories from our top brands. They are aptly named the Epic Sky Package, Epic Surf Package and Epic Session Package and no matter where you live or how you create, each package will take your photo and video to the next level.

(1) The Epic Sky Package - Total Value: $2165.00
Capture the skies and all the action under the sun with this epic giveaway featuring a fully loaded 3DR Solo Drone, SRP BlurFix filter pack and premium collection of mounts and accessories.

(2) The Epic Surf Package - Total Value: $1320
Shoot the surf like never before with this land and sea-worthy giveaway, which includes a KNEKT GPLT Trigger & Dome Port, all-new GNARBOX system and a premium collection of mounts and accessories.

(3) The Epic Session Package - Total Value: $1,010
Score new perspectives of any session or off-the-grid adventure in our third giveaway, which includes a GoPro HERO 4 Session, Lume Cube light rig and (you guessed it) a premium collection of mounts and accessories.