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Pladra Taps White Cloud Communication to Lead Public Relations and Communication Strategy

March 29, 2016

Pladra, Inc., makers of high quality USA-built outdoor lifestyle clothing, announced today its partnership with Sun Valley, Idaho based White Cloud Communication for its communication strategy, public relations and media outreach - effective immediately.
"We have spent years focusing on fit, fabric, construction and all the details to produce the highest quality shirt,” explained Pladra founder, Jeff Ladra. “We are now very excited to tell our story to the public through the expertise of White Cloud Communication.  Cassie and her team share the same passion for public relations and media outreach as we do for manufacturing.  We are thrilled to kick off our partnership."
Having struggled with finding a flannel in the market that both fits well and was enduring, Pladra Founder and Designer, Jeff Ladra, started tinkering with prototypes to build the perfect plaid flannel shirt nearly a decade ago.  After years of testing out various designs and seeking feedback from friends and industry colleagues, today he and his team are excited to offer beautiful and lasting plaid flannel shirts for both men and women.  Pladra apparel is designed with the highest quality materials and dialed fit with unique accents and styling.  The four available Pladra styles: Elli, Leon, Peregrine (women’s) and Peregrine Women’s Dress Shirt are styled right to take you from the field or mountain top, straight to the bar or campfire.  No matter where your adventure takes you, Pladra is excited to bring you the only flannel you’ll ever need.
“Who doesn’t love a good plaid flannel shirt?  To partner with a team that’s dedicated to making the best plaid flannel out there, with carefully considered fit, durability and style accents first and foremost, makes it an obvious and fun partnership,” explained White Cloud Founder, Cassie Abel.  “We’re ecstatic about this relationship and couldn't be more excited to help Pladra grow and build a loyal following across all channels.”