Industry News 3/30/2016

Women's Skateboarding Alliance Launches First Qualifier for Women's Skateboarding at X Games

WSA Sanctions Skate Like a Girl for Women’s Pro Skateboarding Qualifier Event, Wheels of Fortune

Women’s Skateboarding Alliance (WSA), the global management and consulting agency dedicated to authentically representing the industry voice of women’s skateboarding in partnership with The Alliance, a nonprofit association of professional women skateboarders, established the first ever global qualifying event in the history of women’s skateboarding for X Games. WSA is honored to team up with Seattle-based Skate Like a Girl (SLAG) and ESPN’s X Games to facilitate this venture.

“We’ve served as an advocate and regulatory body for women’s professional skateboarding for over 10 years,” says Mimi Knoop, Founder and President of WSA. “With worldwide telecast support from ESPN and increased participation by female skateboarding globally, we now have an opportunity to further support and develop up-and-coming women skateboarders on an international stage. We are thrilled to be working with Skate Like a Girl and the X Games to reach this critical milestone in women’s skateboarding.”

The much anticipated sanctioned Skate Like a Girl 7th Annual Wheels of Fortune official qualifier contest will debut May 6-8, 2016 in Seattle, WA at the venue, All Together Skate Park. As a prequalifying event, the top two finishers of the Wheels of Fortune Advanced division will be selected as wild card athletes to officially compete in Women’s Skateboard Street at X Games Austin in early June 2016.

As the premiere consulting agency and industry voice of women's skateboarding, WSA has sanctioned Skate Like a Girl’s 7th Annual Wheels of Fortune open format contest set to showcase 100 female competitors in 5 contest divisions: Groms, Beginners, Intermediate, Golden (30+) and Advanced/Pro.
In the sport of competitive skateboarding, this marks a triumphant new-to-market prequalification system for up-and-coming, amateur and pro women’s skaters’ careers; a path-to-pro strategy dedicated to fairness and equal opportunity.

"Seven years ago, we started Wheels of Fortune to create a platform for women to gain recognition in the sport of skateboarding,” says Kristin Ebeling, Skate Like a Girl Director. “We are honored that our event is now a benchmark on a path to a professional skateboarding career for the female skateboarders internationally. Thanks to our major partners, All Together Skate Park, the WSA, and X Games, this will be another revolutionary year for women's action sports."

Skate Like a Girl, established as a Seattle-based nonprofit in 2005, has since expanded its programs and developed new chapters in Portland, OR (2007) and San Francisco, CA (2008). The organization currently serves all ages and abilities through skateboarding and with educational programs in chapter cities. Its focus is to build community coalitions and empower young women to grow into confident leaders who promote and implement social equity.

“It’s fantastic we can all work together to support the growth and progression of women’s skateboarding globally,” said Rich Bigge, ESPN X Games director of competition. “Wheels of Fortune Seven will be a great event and we’re excited to welcome two new skaters to compete at X Games Austin alongside the world’s best.”

About Women’s Skateboarding Alliance
Women’s Skateboarding Alliance (WSA) is a global management and consulting agency dedicated to authentically representing the industry voice of women’s skateboarding. WSA educates, improves and delivers the most current trends and information for women's skateboarding worldwide. The executive leadership collective is comprised of top women in Action Sports: Mimi Knoop, Lisa Whitaker, Kim Woozy and Yulin Olliver. As a for-profit entity, WSA operates in conjunction with its nonprofit division, Action Sports Alliance.

About Skate Like A Girl
Seattle-based Skate Like a Girl (SLAG) is a unique organization providing an innovative approach to female empowerment through the sport of skateboarding. Creating an inclusive community by promoting confidence, leadership, and social justice, SLAG serves over 3,000 individuals annually with a variety of programs and events. Originally formed in 2000, SLAG currently has chapters in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.