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Introducing the Three Palms Board Co. SUP Range

May 25, 2016

Two years in development, GSI is now excited to introduce the Three Palms SUP range. These utility SUP’s have been designed primarily for the rental SUP market, although they do have multiple applications. These boards are purpose built with the very latest materials, so they will maintain their structural integrity, as well as appearance, over a long period of time.
“When designing the Three Palms SUP range, we wanted to make these boards were user friendly for the operator, as well as the user,” explains brand ambassador Richie Lovett.  “These are real work-horse SUP’s that are safe, durable, and above all, will perform well above expectations.”
Our X3 construction has a high-density EPS core, timber inlay on the deck resilient to impact, and a thermo-formed heat molded bottom, which is a very high wearing material. The deck features a full-length rubberized microdot surface for constant grip as well as inlayed traction pads for underfoot comfort.
•    Security nose and tail hole
•    Moulded durable construction
•    Deck plugs
•    ASA tough bottom shell
•    Deep cavity center carry handle
•    Reinforced Kevlar nose and tail bumpers
•    Rubberised deck skin
•    Easy to remove fin to allow stacking of boards