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Ravean Teams Up with TrueTimber to Launch New Camo Special Edition of its High-Tech Heated Sleeping Bag Liner on Kickstarter

June 3, 2016

Ravean, which has already raised more than $164,000 on Kickstarer for its heated sleeping bag liners expects to raise the bar even higher with the addition of the TrueTimber Special Edition.

Ravean has teamed up with South Carolina-based TrueTimber Camo, renowned for developing the most realistic camouflage patterns in the industry, to offer a camo edition of the Ravean heated sleeping bag liners.

“Pardon the pun, but we’re expecting this addition will really ‘heat up’ our crowdfunding campaign, which has already raised more than eight-times the original goal we set to bring it to the marketplace,” Ravean Co-Founder Jon Bybee said.

Already famous for creating the world's first heated down jacket, which raised more than $1.5 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Ravean used the same portable heating and battery technology to create two different sleeping bag liners that can be easily inserted into any sleeping bag to keep campers warm. Like the Ravean jackets, the liners are designed to keep users comfortable in temperatures ranging from -4°F (-20°C) up to 55°F (12.7°C).

Along with the ‘the simple liner,’ designed in the shape of a mummy bag with an adjustable length to allow the user to wrap it around their core or feet whenever heat is needed, Ravean also created a ‘wearable liner.’ Loaded with the same tech features, it allows users to get up in the morning and wear the sleeping bag liner like a full-length coat.

“With the camo version, hunters and outdoorsmen can stay warm and also remain in camouflage around camp at night or in the morning,” Bybee said. “They can even use it to stay warm in a hunting blind or any type of cover device.”

Both the ‘simple’ and ‘jacket’ versions of the heated sleeping bag liners are designed with the battery pockets at the bottom of the bag to prevent users from rolling on them while asleep.

In addition to the heated hood, the core and the feet, there are three temperature settings: high, medium and low for each heating zone. With the controller, the user can decide exactly where to direct the heat and how much to designate in each area. Like most Ravean products, the user has the ability to charge mobile devices while sleeping and keep them secure.

With an extra-long main zipper for easy access in and out of the wearable sleeping bag liner, it also comes with a small hood closure to keep campers and hunters warm and comfortable on a cold night.

Additional features for both versions of the heated sleeping bag liners include:

  • 12-volt wearable battery and 2.0 redesigned 12-volt battery with two capacity size options
  • 12-volt and 5-volt batteries compatible between Ravean heated jackets and heated liners
  • DWR water resistant
  • 100% washable
  • Light and stuff-able, with each equipped with its own stuff-sack
  • Unicuff design to keep arms in place and the heat inside while asleep

Ravean heated sleeping bag liners start at $149 on Kickstarter. For more info and to pre-order, visit:     

About Ravean
Following our first extremely successful Kickstarter campaign becoming the 3rd most funded clothing item in crowdfunding history, we thought that was great, but wouldn't it be even better to do it twice? So we took the same concept of the Ravean heated down jacket line and literally brought it to bed. Sleeping in the cold while camping doesn't have to happen anymore. With the Ravean heated sleeping bag liners you can camp in any conditions. Wear the Ravean heated jacket while outside during the day and evening and crawl into our heated sleeping bag liners on cold nights to be warm and cozy 24-7. We bring the same quality to our liners as we do our jackets. Ravean....always there to bring the heat no matter the location.