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Anomaly Action Sports Announces New Management Positions

July 11, 2016

Anomaly Action Sports, which designs, markets and distributes eyewear and protection brands SHRED OPTICS and SLYTECH PROTECTION   announces a new market dedicated role for Co-founder and CEO, Carlo Salmini, who will oversee marketing, product, and sales, as well as hiring a new CFO/COO, Francesco Baldisserri, while Ted Ligety, Co-founder and Chairman, will continue to be as invaluable as ever in his role as a leader in everything from product, to strategy, and marketing. The new leadership positions will oversee a strong team of brand and industry veterans to further Anomaly Action Sports’ strong growth and momentum rooted in their athlete-born heritage and passion for the world of action sports fueled by their family structure.
Former CMO/CFO, Federico Merle, left the company to begin a new period of his life in his native Argentina that is more focused on family, friends, and personal interests. His insight, innovation, and passion will be missed.
Salmini, excited about his new role  will continue to lead the product team shared, “with Federico’s departure, we have brought in a new CFO and COO, Francesco Baldisserri, who was my classmate at MIT. I will be transitioning from operations to CEO in my new market driven role while I continue to lead our experienced team of product engineers under an even closer and broader market influence. We look toward our future of continuing our strong annual growth and building on our momentum at SHRED OPTICS and SLYTECH PROTECTION.”
Francesco Baldisserri brings in experience within the action sports world as well as expertise within Operations and Finance. Drawing from his extensive strategic consulting background within the world of action sports giants, Baldisserri looks forward to continuing the growth of Anomaly Action Sports brands. “My belief in SHRED OPTICS and SLYTECH PROTECTION brands is equaled only by my passion for sustaining the innovation and growth they have experienced since inception. I look forward to the challenges and new experiences that lay ahead with the talented teams and individuals I will be working with.”
“Continuing our passionate commitment to action sports, I look forward to this new chapter in the story of our company,” said Ted Ligety, co-founder. We look forward to the insight and experience Francesco will bring as COO/CFO. With Carlo’s new role as a market driven CEO, and my furthered input in products, marketing, and athletes, our original commitment to the sports we all love so much will only be strengthened.”
The action sports world needs authentic brands with organic commitment to the markets in which they participate. Anomaly Action Sports is an athlete-born company from inception and they truly value the participation of their family of employees and athletes in everything ranging from product, to marketing, as well as new team additions. They have unequivocally been at the forefront of innovation in all categories, including operations and management, and look forward to strong continued growth and innovation.
Anomaly Action Sports designs, markets and distributes eyewear and protection brands SHRED OPTICS and SLYTECH PROTECTION. Through these two brands, Anomaly Action Sports is able to bring the action sports industry a new wave of creativity and skills, leading to a multitude of industry-breakthroughs in engineering and product design. With focus on athletes, experience and forward thinking, it provides an unconventional approach to product development and business strategy as well as unparalleled dedication to safety and advanced technology. Through SHRED and SLYTECH, Anomaly Action Sports is able to showcase products and leadership in performance, quality and style. Both SHRED and SLYTECH are sold and distributed in approximately 40 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit or – or visit us on Instagram: @shredoptics and @slytechprotection.