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RIDE Snowboards Announces Reorganized Team to Maintain Awesomeness

November 11, 2016

RIDE Snowboards is pleased to announce the completion of its new global sales and marketing structure. Earlier this year, Jim Linnberg took over the roles of Global Brand Director and US Director of Sales for the RIDE brand. Jim brought with him a wealth of industry knowledge, hundreds of black t-shirts and an untamable mess of disgusting and unwashed beard hair. Jim had worked as the US Sales Manager for RIDE for the previous 2 years and before that ran the sales agency that sold RIDE on the West Coast. 

Tanner McCarty, has been promoted from the Team and Marketing Co-Coordinator position to Marketing Manager for RIDE. McCarty started his snowboard industry career on the floor at Eastern Boarder, before leaving to pursue a role with High Cascade, Tanner spends his weekends in the beat laboratory working on his debut spoken word album – coming soon. 

Brandon Pendergast joins the team as the Assistant Sales Manager and Retail Marketing Specialist. Brandon has a long history in snowboard retail, starting with a stint at Potter Brothers Ski Shop, and more recently, part of RIDE’s US Dealer Services Department. Aside from helping to execute on all sales and marketing initiatives, Brandon will spend most of his time managing sample boxes on the secret 4 ½ floor of Ride’s new downtown Seattle offices and chasing Jim to try to get him to do actual work.

Dave Banks has been hired on as a Senior Designer. If you don’t know who Dave Banks is, you should probably go read a book about epic snowboard art. Dave comes to RIDE with years of industry experience and crazy art skills. He loves Pizza, hates the sun, and has taken up cross fit following his move from Portland to Seattle. Dave can do around a million burpees now.  

Lauren Oka has been promoted to Global Design Manager, and now has Alana Rung at her side as a junior designer. Alana came to RIDE from the great city of Chicago, where she swears that “Malort” is a drink and not a mythical wizard. 

We realize that some of these things may not be entirely new, but hopefully they’ll offer some answers to the question everyone has been asking lately – Why does RIDE look so f#@king good??? “Truth is we were too busy talking to riders and shops and cranking out new designs. It had nothing to do with some recently changed laws in the State of Washington or the amount of powder we were indulging in locally.” said Jim Linnberg. “Sorry dudes, we deliver snowboards on time, not press releases!”