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November 18, 2016

Caught in the routine of the daily grind, surrounded by constant digital connection and a heavy cloud of negative energy, it is easy to fall into a rut of tunnel vision. Backcountry snowboarder Forrest Shearer, filmmakers Andrew Miller and Nick Kalisz and their crew of rugged adventurers set off in search of the antidote – a deeper connection to the environment by following their passions of snow and surf in “Horizon Lines”, a three-part web series set to drop its first episode next week.  

As any full time adventurer or weekend warrior knows, bonds with the natural world transcend the boundaries of society. Following deep powder or the perfect swell, we travel past the horizon line to unknown lands, new friendships and fresh perspective. With the trailer for “Horizon Lines”, Shearer invites you to look beyond the horizon to a world that offers new inspiration and adventure with each breaking dawn. 

Horizon Lines : Trailer from Horizon Lines on Vimeo.

“We want people to get inspired by nature”, says Shearer. “Travel will always have its ups and downs, but when you’re living for the perfect turn, the biggest adventure is on the horizon. Safe is boring and overrated. Put aside the predictable and set off into the wild." Though he admits it’s not just about finding adventure. “It’s crucial to document these wild places to help protect them for future generations. You can live vicariously through others, but if you get out there, you’ll see what a special place the mountains and oceans are and how important it is to raise awareness.”

Over the course of the last year, the Horizon Lines crew traveled to Iceland, Japan and Chile – exotic locales that pushed them off the grid and beyond known boundaries. Shearer was joined by big mountain legends Jeremy Jones and Bryan Iguchi in Iceland, as well as surfer Kohl Christensen. He then traveled to Japan with snowboarders Griffin Siebert and Kael Martin, and surfboard shaper Chris Christenson. While there, local rider Kazushi Yamauchi (Orange Man) showed them the lay of the land. Shearer wrapped up the season by hitting the road to Chile with Jones, Josh Dirksen, Alex Lopez, Nick Russell and big wave surfer Ramon Navarro.

"Forrest has spent his life dedicated to the sideways lifestyle,” says Jones. “This has made him incredibly in tune with the mountains and ocean. After years of being a part of other people’s videos, it is exciting to see him take his own path and I anxiously await the outcome.”

Miller and Kalisz were on hand to chronicle the journey as the evolving group of influential snowboarders and surfers forged an organic path from mountains to ocean and back, transforming hours of footage into the epic web series. Their visual work allows viewers to immerse themselves in the unique elements of each location with the Horizon Lines group, whetting their appetite to take a chance on finding their own experience in nature. 

Horizon Lines is presented by Jaybird with support from Clif Bar, Jones Snowboards, Patagonia and the Inkwell Network. The first episode of the series, focusing on Iceland, will debut on November 23, on, with following episodes launching on December 23 (Japan) and January 25 (Chile). For more information on Horizon Lines, please visit